The 10 Most Important seo for news website

SEO is currently the most widely used website optimization method. However, for news websites, how should we SEO? Soon, we will reveal to you the 10 Most Important seo for news websites.

Content targeting the right user search
Content targeting the right user search

One of the most important seo techniques for news websites is content targeting the right user search. Content acts as the “heart” of an SEO campaign. SEO is a method to help bring your content to the right audience. However, in order to have an SEO content article that meets the needs of customers, marketers need to do keyword research. Keyword research is a step that helps us know what keywords potential customers are searching for product information with on search engines. In the process of keyword research, it is necessary to pay attention to the following 3 data:

  • Query: what are potential customers looking for?
  • Volume: the number of people searching for that keyword.
  • Difficulty: how competitive that keyword is in the Google rankings.

The ability to collect and access the website

The ability to collect and access the website

The factor when seo for news websites needs to focus on is the ability to collect and access the website. It can be said that the ability to collect and access websites is both a challenge and an opportunity for websites.

Your websites need to ensure that robots.txt files can still be read, accessed, and crawled by search engines of URL links. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that search engines can read the content of On-page pages. Moreover, On-site is also an important factor affecting the uniqueness of that website.

To improve this factor, you can use tools such as: Google Search Console, SEMrush. These tools will help you quickly detect data access problems.

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Links in the article

The 10 Most Important seo for news website
Links in the article

The third factor when seo for news websites needs to be focused is links in the article. Previously, the ranking of websites would be based on the quality of the article. However, in 996, Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin patented PageRank. This has opened up a new rule for ranking web pages, not only based on the article but also on the number of links pointing to that site.

Nowadays, website ranking contests depend on factors such as: trust, relevance, location and many others. Many people believe that internal links are not as powerful as external links on the page. However, they play a very important role in SEO.

There are some who think that Google may one day ignore links. Google claims and numerous tests continue to prove their worth as one of the SEO success factors we know.

Links are more than just navigational elements. Each individual link on the web conveys a variety of signals that Google can interpret for ranking purposes. Includes the following elements:

  • Authority + Trust of Link
  • Link Relevance
  • Anchor text of the link
  •  … And more

Methods to help you improve this element on your website: 

  • Insert both internal and external links on the website. 
  • There should be a specific link building strategy. 

Content must meet user intent

Content must meet user intent

The 4th factor when seo for news websites needs to focus is the content must meet user intent. SEOs refer to this in a variety of ways: on-site time, multiple clicks, users returning from the SERP, and more. In essence, they all mean: Do users find the most satisfying answer to what they are looking for without searching further?

If users have to click the back button, modify their search, or spend more time with results from other websites, this could be a sign that your content isn’t providing the best experience.

How to improve content:

  1. Deliver Content with the format and features Google expects. For example, if the top-ranking sites for your keyword in Google all contain video results, that’s a good sign that users (and Google) are searching for video to satisfy intent.
  2. The response of the query meets the user’s expectations, giving the user no reason to press the back button. The best way to do this is to incorporate answers to additional questions in your content, for example “user frequently asked questions”.
  3. Measure and improve your engagement rate, including these factors:
  • Bounce rate: Bounce rate
  • Time on-site: Time on site
  • Page per session: Number of pages per visit
  • CRO: Target Conversion Rate

Uniqueness of the article – Seo for news website

Seo for news website
Uniqueness of the article – Seo for news website

The 5th factor when seo for news websites needs to focus on is the uniqueness of the article. If your content is exactly like so many other copies on the www, why should Google rank it above all else?

In other words – if your content doesn’t have unique value, that doesn’t mean Google will punish you for it, but it will make it much harder to get to the top of the SERPs.

When your content isn’t unique, two things happen:

  1. Google must filter out all duplicate content for the best results – and there’s a good chance your content will be in the filtered group.
  2. Duplicate content can’t target those unique topics and replies that aren’t targeted by competitors

Duplicate content issues often take two forms. The first is content that actually copies content from another site or pages. The second is caused by duplicates of your own content when 2 or more URLs generate the same (or very close) content.

Filter out exactly duplicate content to handle

Ways to improve the uniqueness and uniqueness of your posts:

  1. Make sure your content, including all text, provides unique value from all other websites and pages on the internet.
  2. Control duplicate content on your own website. Tools and techniques include canonical tags, parameter handling, robots.txt, redirects, and more.



The 6th factor when seo for news websites needs to pay attention is EAT. In the earlier days of SEO, it was easier to fool the search engines, and low-quality pages were flooded with results. To combat this, Google introduced Panda into its algorithm, which uses machine learning to separate high-quality and low-quality pages.

According to Google’s Search Quality Assessment Guidelines, the main qualities that define a high-quality page are Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT). It is believed that Google uses results from human quality assessments as training data in their machine learning algorithm.

Other qualities that define a high-quality page – according to the review guidelines – include:

  • Amount of satisfying high quality content.
  • Clear indication of who is responsible for the content, i.e. author information, “About” and contact information.
  • Positive reputation.

To improve EAT, the best way is to learn the workings of Google’s Panda algorithm, which many consider to form the basis of their machine learning model.

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Refresh – Seo for news website

Refresh - Seo for news website
Refresh – Seo for news website

The 7th factor when seo for news websites needs to focus is refresh. Since the early days, Google has patented the following new content rating for its search results. It includes two parts.

First, Google devised a system called “Fresh-Deserving Queries” to determine the type of search terms that benefited most from new results. Examples include:

  • Current News and Events- “Seattle Protests” “Grammy Awards”
  • Recurring Events- “Full Moon” “World Cup Schedule”
  • Regularly updated- “iPhone Specifications” “Mac Review”.
  • The topic has had a recent spike in search volume or social media contact.

Other systems determine how relevant your content is to a search query. Signals that may indicate new content include:

  • Age of content.
  • Updates to content, including what sections are updated (important or unimportant) and what content is updated.
  • How often your content is updated.
  • How often people link to your content (lower link frequencies can indicate that the content has grown old).
  • Change in engagement metrics (worse engagement could mean content is out of date).

New content is not always better, but the idea is to provide the most relevant content.

Updating your content for the sake of freshness is not necessary, but keeping your content relevant and up-to-date. Updating old content is also a way to earn new links. and new interactions.

CTR – Seo for news website

CTR – Seo for news website

The 8th factor when seo for news websites needs to pay attention is CTR. While there may be compelling evidence that earning a higher click-through rate can improve your rankings, it doesn’t matter if Google uses it as a direct or even indirect ranking signal. .

The truth is that when you improve your CTR, you will get more traffic.

There are also potential benefits as higher CTR means more people are viewing your content, which means more potential shares, more potential links, and more potential opportunities. to interact. All of these can have a positive effect on your Google rankings, either directly or indirectly.

To improve CTR, you need to know the factors that affect this metric:

  • Title Tag – SEO Title.
  • Meta Description tag – Meta Description.
  • Rich snippets.

The good news is that all of this is under your direct control, at least in part. However, Google may choose to show your information as it wants in the search results, but you can greatly influence this with structured data markup with your content.

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Page loading speed

Seo for news website
Page loading speed

The 9th factor when seo for news websites needs to be focused is page loading speed Speed ​​is the first important factor affecting user experience. And Speed ​​is a confirmed ranking factor. When Google first announced it in 2010, they said it only applied to a small number of slow-loading pages.

Since then, numerous studies have shown a significant correlation between speed and rankings on all websites, not just slow ones. Additionally, Google has announced site speed as a ranking factor for mobile results.

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For many people, improving your page speed can be a technically difficult experience. There are so many factors (time to first byte, waterfall, download time, etc.) it can be difficult to know what to optimize for.

Website adaptability across devices – Seo for news website

Website adaptability across devices – Seo for news website

The last factor when seo for news websites needs to be focused is website adaptability across devices. Whether it’s desktop, tablet or phone, hopefully everything is well formatted and you can read it easily. Today, most modern content is built to be cross-device and mobile-friendly, but this factor can still play a big role in affecting your SEO performance.

Yes, mobile-friendliness is a real Google ranking factor. But more than that, your mobile (and desktop) design can affect engagement, sharing, satisfaction, and quality metrics. A poor mobile experience can have a negative cascading effect on your rankings and exposure. Likewise, a positive experience can be helpful.

Did you find the 10 Most Important seo for news websites above useful to you? Wish you more success in your SEO process. Please follow the following articles for more useful and interesting information.

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