Top 10+ Google Adsense Alternative for Your Website/Blog

There are many Google Adsense alternatives out there but it can be frustrating to choose the right one that you trust and know that the result is transparent without any hidden fees or commissions. Understanding this, we will immediately reveal to you the top 10+ google adsense alternative for Your Website/Blog.

Top 10+ Google Adsense Alternative for Your Website/Blog
Google Ad Exchange

Topping the list of google adsense alternatives is Google Ad Exchange. Google Adx is the next step for publishers and larger websites. Someone said you didn’t find them, they found you. Let’s first consider the main difference between Adsense and Adx. Google has created a comparison table where it has outlined all the differences between these two products.

The main difference between Adx and Adsense is that Adx is based on eCPM(effective cost per thousand impressions) where Adsense pays for clicks. If your website users are very engaged with your content, there may be cases where Adsense actually pays more even with fewer buyers, also if the banner is in a clickable position (eg. :sticky) then you may want to consider not using Adx in such locations.

“While both provide access to millions of buyers, Ad Exchange is built for publishers that require granular controls to avoid sabotaging their direct selling efforts. If you don’t have a substantial direct selling business, or if channel conflicts aren’t a big concern for you, AdSense may be a better solution. Smell by Google.

Keeping the 2nd position in the list of Google adsense alternatives is If the reason your site was disapproved is not illegal content or you want to increase your revenue and not just depend on Adsense then consider a product based on header bidding and have some experience. in this field. Most of the big and good SSPS (Provider-Side Platforms or Simple Ads Exchanges) require a minimum monthly request count of close to 100 million, which for a small publisher this is untraceable. accessible but products like Setupad have a solution that allows them to add these high quality buyers and earn you more sales. They have over 15 high grossed international SSPS that can help people monetize their website to its full potential.

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Amazon Affiliate Program – Google adsense alternative

Google adsense alternative
Amazon Affiliate Program – Google adsense alternative

Holding the 3rd position in the list of google adsense alternatives is the amazon affiliate program. Amazon was the company that paved the way for the affiliate program and was one of the first to make it available to the public in 1998. At first, it was all about buying and selling books, people can afford to buy and sell books. You can make money by referring friends or really anyone. This is how Amazon managed to spend zero money on advertising and attract guests with just a referral program. We recommend that you do a thorough research and research on this product.

Here’s what we found. To be an amazon reseller, you don’t have to have a minimum threshold, and really anyone can apply with a wide range of products to promote and with tools that help you sell specific items. Reports help with analytics that can help generate more clicks and impressions. Even if a visitor doesn’t buy a product right away, when they return to your site and decide to actually buy that product, you’ll earn a commission. This is one of the best Adsense alternatives if Google has rejected your site.

Header Bidding

Header Bidding

Keeping the 4th place in the google adsense alternative list is header bidding. Creating your own bidding header is time consuming and complicated because there are many SSPs and DSPs that need to be added for it to work. Simply put: Header Bidding is an auction where Ad Exchanges (SSP, DSP) are betting on each position of your website and the highest bidder wins the chance to show. their advertising banners. Bidding is based on eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions).

Example: Buyer 1 sets a price: 0.3, Buyer 2 sets a price: 0.11, Buyer 3 sets a price: 0.33. Winner: Buyer 3 with 0.33 eCPM.

In general, you will have to contract and update to the latest adapters. If you want to try to earn more and also have to do a lot of work, this might be one of the best google Adsense alternatives for you. For starters, you should visit Prebid. Org for all the information you need to develop your own Header Bidding wrapper and add partners (SSP, DSP) to get started. There are many Header Bidding Partners out there that don’t necessarily require you to have a minimum number of visitors and just need to get started and test the results yourself.

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Top 10+ Google Adsense Alternative for Your Website/Blog

Holding the 5th position in the google adsense alternative list is taboola. Taboola is one of the most popular native advertising products for publishers and advertisers. Did you know: native ads can be virtually any shape or size, as long as publishers and advertisers clearly label the unit as “sponsored.” In 2015, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) began defining some of the most widely used native formats, including in-feed units, advertised product listings, and extensions. I propose. Taboola guarantees 100% occupancy across all geographies.



Keeping the 6th position in the list of google adsense alternatives is revcontent. Revcontent is a native advertising and content delivery platform that is one of the fastest growing ad networks at the moment. It was first launched in 2013 and has been growing in size and product range since then. Each month Revcontent delivers over 250 billion recommendations, which serve some of the top content marketers like CBS, Forbes, NBC News and others.

There is a wealth of information available to publishers as well as advertisers on their website (link below). The minimum payout is $50 which is very good compared to other similar products because there are so many methods that can turn the revenue. You need to have at least 50,000 monthly visits to get approved and the process is strict where only 6% of the submitted applications are accepted, 94% rejected. Revcontent based on eCPM is among the highest for international traffic, of course this also depends on the quality of visitors.

Revcontent widgets can be added to any type of website and blog, and they come in a variety of options including media, native ad networks, entertainment and technology add-ons.

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PopAds Popunders

Top 10+ Google Adsense Alternative for Your Website/Blog
PopAds Popunders

Holding the 7th position in the list of google adsense alternatives is popAds popunders. Popads is an advertising network that specializes in poppy flower sellers. The main argument is that they are the highest and fastest ad network in this market. It is one of the oldest ad networks and was launched in 2010. Their goal is to become the status of a premium ad network. Average revenue for 1000 US visitors is always over $4.00. They also cover over 40 countries and ads can be rolled out to sites including North America, India, Western Europe, South Asia, and Australia. The great thing about this product is that you can request a payment withdrawal at any time using your PayPal or AlterPay account. Money will arrive within 24 hours.

Ad type: popup only (Pop Under, Pupup, Tabunder, Tabup). Each bid is set per pop-up and can be easily changed in the user dashboard. If your site is not approved for Adsense because it has adult content, think no more! They provide ads for mainstream and adult websites.

Popads revenue is based on impressions (eCPM), so every time a user has an ad on the screen, you get paid. Approval is quick and easy. Registration only takes 2 minutes with only 10 standard fields. Simple, user-friendly and functional ad network. However, the reports are not as detailed and specific as some other ad networks, e.g. SSP’s and DSP’s.

Carbon – Google Adsense Alternative

Holding the 8th position in the list of google adsense alternatives is carbon. This advertising solution is perfect for websites where designers and developers are the primary audience. Carbon Ads was founded in 2010 and is owned by BuySellAds. This network is exclusive and only for specific types of websites with high quality design, technology and development content. Beautiful and easy to customize ads, if your layout is important to you then this is what you need. Some of the sites that use these ads are Laravel, get bootstrap, horror programming, font awesome, jsfiddle, dribble, sketch app resources, world vector logo, kottke, etc.

VigLink Content Driven Commerce

Holding the 9th position in the list of google adsense alternatives is VigLink content driven commerce. VigLink is a product that allows publishers to earn income from existing links on your website. These can be links to your own ecommerce products or affiliate links like Amazon (mentioned previously). Using Amazon Affiliate with VigLink is a good combination. The Dashboard is easy to understand and intuitive.

VigLink converts your normal outgoing links into affiliate links and if the user makes a purchase, you earn a referral commission from it. The best part is that you don’t need to sign up for a personal affiliate account on all networks.

Direct selling – Google adsense alternative

Keeping the 10th position in the list of google adsense alternatives is direct selling. Direct advertising is one of the most difficult and time consuming ways to earn revenue. Most of the major news publishers actually still sell much of their ad space directly, and only when inventory is left over will it be moved back to some of the previously mentioned products. Through direct selling, you can earn a very high amount of money eCPM.

Furthermore, we should always optimize our website as best we can to achieve the highest possible efficiency and revenue income. Grab the top 10+ google adsense alternative for Your Website/Blog revealed above.

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