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The social network helps provide and spread information widely in the world these days. Some many individuals and businesses became famous and thriving thanks to social networks. In other words, the explosion of information technology and the overall development of social networking sites have connected people closer together. Let’s discover the Top 10 socials in the world’s with the most active users!


  • About 2.7 billion active users

Facebook was founded in 2004 by a young CEO – Mark Zuckerberg. But in 2006, he opened Facebook to the public for global users.

Top 10 Social in the world
Facebook – Top 10 Social in the world

After more than 15 years of development, Facebook has become the social media platform with the most significant users globally.

Facebook has many advantages that make many users love to use it, which is multilingual integration. As a result, people worldwide, regardless of language or geographical differences, can easily connect and find each other.


  • More than 2 billion active users

Top 10 Social in the world
Youtube – Top 10 Social in the world

Unlike Facebook, Youtube also owns more than 2 billion active users, becoming the largest video-sharing website globally. On average, users around the world watch billions of hours of videos on YouTube every day.

Moreover, YouTube is a website where users can upload or download to their computer or phone and share video clips. Three former employees of PayPal created YouTube in mid-February 2005. But so far, Youtube has become the world’s second-largest search engine after Google and the world’s largest video-sharing social network at the same time. However, in terms of the size of all social networks, youtube comes in 2nd place behind Facebook with 1,500,000,000 monthly registered members.


  • 1.16 billion active users

At first, Instagram was just an application to process and create color filters for images. Then it developed into a pretty famous photo and video-sharing application.

Top 10 Social in the world
Instagram – Top 10 Social in the world

In 2014, when returning under the roof with Facebook, Instagram made rapid progress in terms of users. There are currently 1.16 billion active users on this social network.


  • More than 850 million active users

Although born later, TikTok is currently a formidable opponent with many other long-standing social networks. TikTok was born in 2016 and has quickly risen to become one of the largest social networks in the world. Content on TikTok is about fun video effects and young users, quickly creating global trends to attract more and more users.

Top 10 Social in the world
TikTok – Top 10 Social in the world


  • 800 million users

China’s QQ network is in 5th place on the chart, with 800 million users. In terms of speed, power, and cloud storage up to 25Gb, allowing users to store files online. This shows that QQ is not inferior to other chat applications such as Zalo and Skype. QQ is also the most popular social network in China.

Top 10 Social in the world
QQ – Top 10 Social in the world

Weibo – Top 10 Social in the world

  • 523 million active users

The next is Weibo. Weibo is a “microblogging” social network, allowing users to create short articles to share their thoughts and comments on an issue.

Weibo – Top 10 Social in the world

In addition, users can also share photos/videos, live stream, buy and sell products, create votes, play games, and much more on this social network. As a result, it is one of the most commonly used websites and mobile apps in China.


  • 416 million active users

Pinterest – Top 10 Social in the world

In 2010, Pinterest officially launched users, and it took only 2 years. After that, it became the fastest website to reach the milestone of 10 million users in history.

At Pinterest, users can share and search for multimedia content (primarily images), creating content collections according to each topic and interest.


  • About 400 million active users

Snapchat – Top 10 Social in the world

The other Social in the world is Snapchat. Snapchat is an application that allows users to share photos and videos with friends. You can also apply cool effects, filters to your images or videos.

But there is a minus point that the content on Snapchat will automatically disappear after a period of being sent.


  • More than 320 million active users

Twitter - Top 10 Social in the world
Twitter – Top 10 Social in the world

Not too popular in Asia, but Twitter is well-known to many people in America and Europe. On average, more than 500 million pieces of content are shared on Twitter every day.

Twitter’s feature is to limit the length of each content that users post to 280 characters. In addition, users can also share photos, videos, etc.

Reddit – Top 10 Social in the world

  • About 300 million active users

Reddit – Top 10 Social in the world

Often referred to as the “front page of the Internet,” Reddit is an online community that allows users to create topics for discussion with users with similar interests. Reddit posts are divided into categories topics are separate, and users can vote to rank topics on Reddit’s website.

Here are the Top 10 popular socials in the world in 2022 of One point that makes the success of these social networks is the attractive interface, many convenient features, giving users many exciting experiences. However, the web design stage is also worth paying attention to and investing in to achieve this.

Update 11/2022

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