Top 10+ Best Websites to Learn English

It can be said that English is the most important language in the world when most commercial transactions between countries are in English. Fluency in English will help you have more job opportunities at home and abroad. In some companies, English is also a condition for promotion and promotion. Therefore, learning English is increasingly important. Here are the top 10 best websites to learn English that you cannot ignore.


Top 10+ Best Websites to Learn English

Topping the list of the best websites to learn English is Ello. This website will help you practice your listening skills online with hundreds of speakers around the world. The listening topics are extremely diverse such as sports, fashion, travel, entertainment, cooking,… so you don’t get bored while studying. All videos have subtitles to help you learn new vocabulary. In addition, you can also learn English through interesting songs and videos. The English textbooks on the Ello website are arranged by level, so they are suitable even for those who learn English from zero.

2. Fun Easy English –

Fun Easy English

Following Ello in the ranking of the top 10 best websites to learn English is Fun Easy English. This is an extremely ideal website for those of you who learn English from scratch. This website will provide basic English knowledge from grammar, pronunciation to idioms, and slang words. The video tutorials all have subtitles and vivid images. If you persist in studying with this website, you will feel your level increasing day by day. Fun Easy English was established in 2003, so far it has been popular in 211 countries. The Web has 44 Pronunciation lessons for you. Each lesson has a detailed video tutorial from mouth shape, lips, teeth.


Top 10+ Best Websites to Learn English

Go4English is a website that cannot fail to be mentioned in the top 10 best websites to learn English. This is the website of the British Council – part of the British Cultural Affairs Department, so we certainly do not have to discuss its quality and credibility. The audience using this website is not only students, but it is also suitable for lecturers. On this website, you can learn English through many different forms: listening to music, watching movies, playing games,…

There are 3 main online English courses offered by the British Council on this website, including:

  • MyClass Online: this is a unique, flexible online English course for adults that users can tailor themselves to their needs. With a flexible schedule, a variety of topics and lesson content, and the ability to choose teachers, users can get the most out of the learning process. MyClass Online is similar to a learning community, where users will be supported by leading experts at the British Council. The class size is small, so instruction and interaction with each student are guaranteed.
  • MyTutor: this course is built in one-on-one with an online form. To join the course, you can follow 3 simple steps:
    • Step 1 – Create an account on the British Council website.
    • Step 2 – Select the desired teacher.
    • Step 3 – Choose a suitable time to study and start the first lesson. Tuition for the first lesson is equivalent to 1 euro.
  • Self-access course for professionals: this course is mainly for working people who want to apply English in a real working environment. There are 6 levels for students, from beginner (beginner) to advanced (advanced student). Each level consists of eight main chapters for a total of 48 lessons, requiring 20-25 hours of self-study.



Ranked 4th in the ranking of the top 10 best websites to learn English is the Lang-8 website. This is the ideal site for those who want to improve their writing skills. This is also a website that helps you connect with locals easily. Your Vietnamese post will be commented on and edited by native speakers. Plus, you can help native speakers learn your language by commenting and editing their writing.


Top 10+ Best Websites to Learn English

Ranked 5th in the ranking of the top 10 best websites to learn English is none other than Busuu. The site offers you hundreds of courses on writing, vocabulary, grammar, and improving reading comprehension skills. In addition, you can improve your communication skills by participating in forums and chatting with members in other countries. Busuu is not only a website to help you learn English, but also a social networking site. When you create an account on Busuu, you can add one or more different languages to easily track your learning progress and results.

Busuu’s courses are built around the CEFR framework. As you study, you can test your level with short and interactive exercises. In June 2008, Busuu was ranked in the top 10 most successful startups. In September 2008, Busuu launched a campaign to save the Silbo Gomero language (a disappearing language in the Canary Islands, Spain). This is one of Busuu’s commitments when this site becomes the official UNESCO project in five international languages. This Busuu campaign received the Silver Lion during the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, the most important award in the advertising industry. In September 2009, UNESCO declared Silbo Gomero an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.



If you are looking to improve your English listening and communication skills, this is the most suitable website for you. Ranked 6th in the list of top 10 best websites to learn English, its quality certainly will not disappoint you. This is a channel that connects you with members from other English-speaking countries. You can improve your communication skills by talking to them.


Studying with this website, your vocabulary will increase day by day. VocabSushi not only tells you the meaning of the word, but it also gives you examples to show you how the word is used in real-life situations. Coming to the 7th website in the top 10 best websites to learn English, you will surely be surprised with the effectiveness it brings.

8. BBC Learning English –

BBC Learning English

Holding the 8th position in the top 10 best websites to learn English is BBC Learning English. Learning with this website, you will improve your level of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and many interesting English learning tips that you may not know. One of the things that set this site apart is “6 Minute English”. In this program, you can watch English videos with subtitles and can be downloaded for offline learning. You can save it to your computer as pdf and mp3 files.

9. Learn English Free Online

Top 10+ Best Websites to Learn English
Learn English Free Online

Ranked 9th in the top 10 best websites to learn English is the website that most students know – Learn English Free Online. It can be said that this is a huge document on vocabulary learning methods. The learning methods are presented with extremely vivid and easy-to-understand images. In addition, you can also take interesting tests to check your level and summarize your knowledge. Not only useful for students, but this website is also a repository of materials for teachers to make lesson plans or prepare tests.


Exam English

If you are aiming to learn English to conquer exams like TOEIC, TOEFL, CFE, PET, IELTS,… then Exam English is the most ideal website for you. Although it ranks last in the top 10 best websites to learn English, its quality is not low. On this website, you can test your level in reading comprehension, listening, grammar, vocabulary, essay writing, etc. In addition, before participating in those contests, this is also a place for you to take a mock test to get familiar with those exam questions.

With the top 10 best websites to learn English, you only need a laptop or a smartphone to improve your English level every day. English is not a difficult language but you need to be persistent to conquer it. Let’s do our best.

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