Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the World – The 10 Most Popular Podcasts to Listen to Right Now – Who has the #1 podcast in the world?

The podcast is a concept that is no longer strange to us, especially when the Spotify platform becomes very popular. However, do you know the top 10 podcasts in the world? Starting with now!!

The Joe Rogan Experience

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the world
The Joe Rogan Experience – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

Topping the list of top 10 podcasts is The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. If you are a regular podcast listener, you certainly cannot ignore the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. As of 2021, The Joe Rogan Experience remains at the top of the US podcast chart. This is a podcast channel founded by American comedian Joe Rogan.

He created this podcast mainly to share his personal experiences. In the podcast, he is not afraid to say profanities and ask unexpected questions for listeners. For example: ask a psychologist about the knowledge of death theory or ask a comedian to predict the future of humanity,… Maybe it is thanks to this difference that Joe’s podcast Rogan always attracts millions of views.

TED Talks Daily


TED Talks Daily – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

TED (Technology – Entertainment – Design) is a mass media organization that publishes talks and allows viewing online for free, with the message “Ideas worth spreading”.

TED was founded in 1984 by the American founder, Richard Saul Wurman. Built in the form of a “conference,” TED talks initially focused on technology and design. However, over time and needs, TED has expanded into many other rich fields such as Architecture, Art, Education, Psychology,,…. Since then, TED has become a “phenomenal” event in terms of coverage, spread, and great influence. TED becomes a home for sharing knowledge and an endless source of inspiration for free. In addition, TED is also a community that connects creative minds with other ideas and individuals.

TEDx is an independent event of a similar nature to TED, which can be organized by anyone with a free license from TED. Most TEDx events are non-profit, but there may be a participation fee or program sponsorship to cover costs. A TEDx event organized by volunteers from local communities. Like TED, TEDx does not have any commercial, religious or political agenda. The goal of these events is to foster dialogue and community connection.

Over 30 years of establishment and development, TED has successfully organized more than 1500 talks, organized more than 6000 events worldwide. The image, voice, and spirit of TED are the values ​​that they want to spread to all communities.

TED Talks are inspirational talks recorded at TED events. A TED Talks video is limited to 18 minutes in length and is meant to give listeners just the right amount of information. Listeners can concentrate on thinking for some time and after 18 minutes, they will be able to reflect on what they have heard. With the popularity of TED Talks these days, it is understandable that this channel’s podcasts are in the top 10 podcasts in the world.

The Daily

The Daily – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

You may know that The Daily is the podcast of the famous newspaper The New York Times. So, of course, it made the top 10 podcasts. This podcast is hosted by the best tour guide in the world – Michael Barbaro. Therefore, this podcast will surely bring you moments of extremely interesting entertainment and as well as absorb and update a lot of new knowledge.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the world
The Michelle Obama Podcast – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

Referring to the top 10 podcasts, it is impossible not to mention Michelle Obama’s podcast. Michelle Obama is none other than the former first lady of the United States. She began releasing her exclusive podcast on July 29, 2019. In this podcast, she mainly shares about her relationships around, from family, mentors to Obama’s conversations with special characters. She also hopes that through this podcast, listeners can answer the questions they ask in their lives and surrounding relationships.

Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

“Call Her Daddy” is the name that is not missing in this list of top 10 podcasts. “Call Her Daddy” was created by vlogger Alexandra Cooper. This podcast will give you a very special feminist perspective.

In essence, Call Her Daddy is what happens when a male-dominated company tries to expand its audience to include women. Once ranked as Spotify’s fourth most popular podcast of 2020, Barstool was able to quickly dominate (and arguably monopolize) the female empowerment-related podcast market. But while the podcast is primarily marketed to women in their teens and twenties, it is ultimately designed to benefit systems that promote the power of heterosexual men. Because of its dramatic female disguise, navigating feminist criticism of the show has proven difficult; I’ll admit that there are some novelty and barrier-breaking elements inherent in discussions about women-led sexuality, but I think the show’s message isn’t revolutionary and core. It is indulgence.

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the world
Crime Junkie – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

The Crime Junkie podcast’s theme revolves around true crime stories. These stories will be told by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat.

Flowers released the first episode of Crime Junkie in December 2017 and has been posting weekly episodes since. Flowers worked full-time at a hospital while still managing Crime Junkie, but in 2019 she reported that she considered Crime Junkie her full-time job.

Flowers says that each episode takes about 30 hours per week to research, write, edit, and prepare for release. Flowers did all the research, except for a few episodes where Prawat took on the lead role.

Crime Junkie episodes usually have the same format. Each episode of Crime Junkie will last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The cases mentioned include murder, disappearance, and mass murder. Flowers will lead the story from her point of view. This will make you feel interested in crime stories. There is an additional segment once a month called “Puppet of the Month” where Prawat tells stories about dogs that have been adopted. This segment is unrelated to typical Crime Junkie content and was inspired by fans who posted photos of their dogs online.

Flowers records podcasts in her home office and her brother, David Flowers, helps with the editing. The name AudioChuck comes from Flowers’ dog, Charlie, who usually howls at the end of each episode. Flowers and Prawat took Crime Junkie on tour to four cities in the United States.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

This podcast teaches listeners about a wide range of interesting topics like how to reassure others effectively, online dating, and more.

This podcast is for everyone. Regardless of your interest, chances are you’ll find a few episodes that have exactly the theme you’re looking for

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the world
Office Ladies – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

Teens will have the laughs of The Office on live streaming, making The Office Ladies the ultimate entertainment where actors and best friends Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Jenna Fischer (Pam) give the latest behind-the-scenes news after each episode.

Entiende Tu Mente

Entiende Tu Mente – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

A Spanish podcast channel entered the top 10 podcasts. What happens when our parents expect something from us that is not fulfilled? And what happens when it comes to our romantic relationship? In this podcast, we’ll talk about a situation that puts us between a rock and a hard one: our family doesn’t accept our partner.

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the world
Pod Save America – Most Popular Podcasts in the World

Pod Save America will be the ideal podcast for those interested in the topic of American liberal politics. The podcast launched in January 2017 and airs twice weekly, with the Monday edition hosted by former Barack Obama staffers Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, and Jon Lovett and the Thursday edition hosted by Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer.

This is the flagship podcast of Crooked Media, a media company founded by Favreau, Vietor, and Lovett. Each episode of this podcast attracts more than 1.5 million listeners and has been downloaded more than 120 million times as of November 2017.

Four Pod Save America’s hour-long HBO television program was broadcast in the fall of 2018 to cover the US midterm elections. Crooked Media also shoots podcasts and releases them on their YouTube channel

Above are the top 10 podcasts in the world. Each podcast will bring us different knowledge and experiences? Have you watched all of the podcasts above? If you have experienced it right now.

Update: 11/2022

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