Top 10 most spoken language in the world

In the vibrant mosaic of human communication, languages stand as both a bridge and a barrier, shaping cultures, facilitating connections, and enriching the global tapestry of diversity. As our world continues to intertwine through globalization and interconnectedness, the significance of languages cannot be overstated. Join us on an intriguing journey through the linguistic landscape as explore the top ten most spoken languages in the world—a captivating exploration of the tongues that echo across continents, uniting communities and embodying the essence of human expression and interaction.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world
Top 10 most spoken language in the world – English

Surprisingly, the language that seems to be the most popular in the world is ranked 3rd in this ranking. However, it is undeniable that English is now a popular language in tourism, study abroad, business, and international relations. The ease of learning English and the growth of American culture will make English increasingly dominant in the world. In some developing countries like Vietnam, being fluent in English will help you earn a high income and improve your quality of life.

The popularity of English today can be said to have originated from the prosperity of the Kingdom of England at the end of the 18th century. The British Empire spread English throughout most of its colonies and dominions. Commerce, science and technology, diplomacy, the arts, and education all contribute to making English the first truly global language. English has also become the language of international communication. Because Britain established many colonies, these colonies gained their independence and developed their way of speaking and writing English.

As a result, English began to appear in North America, India, parts of Africa, Australasia, and many other regions. In the post-colonial era, new countries with many native languages ​​often chose English as their official language to avoid having one native language stand above the others. In the twentieth century, the growth and political and cultural influence of the United States as a superpower after World War II accelerated the global spread of the language. By the twenty-first century, more English is spoken and written than any other language in history.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world
Top 10 most spoken language in the world – Chinese

It is estimated that the Chinese have more than 1.2 billion users. Chinese is also one of the languages with the most dialects. In which, the Mandarin language Mandarin is used the most, with more than 1 billion people using it.

With the development and growing influence of China, learning Chinese has also become more popular. Currently, Chinese has also become a popular subject in schools in the US, as well as in Western countries.

According to statistics from the Modern Language Association, in the US in 2015 there were 550 elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools teaching Chinese. This number increased by 100% compared to 2014. Enrollment rates for Chinese language departments at US universities also increased by 51%. In the same year 2015, it is estimated that there are 30,000-50,000 students studying Chinese in the US.

The number of students around the world going to study in China has also increased. According to 2016 statistics, Tsinghua University welcomed 36,000 foreign students from 116 countries to study.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world – Hindi

India has 23 official languages, including Hindi and Urdu. Whether they are one language, Hindustani, or two dialects, is still fiercely debated. This language is most commonly used in Northern Area and some small areas in Pakistan. At the time of writing, the debate over its role in education and Indian society has flared up once again: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist, is looking for a way for Hindi to replace the language. England in the southern states of India. Making Hindi the primary language of communication and education, a strategy that has met with resistance.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world – Spanish

According to statistics, there are currently 527 million people using this language. This is not only the official language of Spain but also the language of countries in South and Central America and large parts of the United States.

Statistics show that today 20 countries speak Spanish. It is also the most commonly used language on the Internet, after English and Chinese.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world – French

French is a Romance language of the Indo-Uranian language family. It is derived from Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as well as all Romance languages. French evolved from Gallo-Romance, Latin spoke in Gaul, and more specifically in North Gaul. Today, due to the past overseas expansion of France, there are many Creole languages based on French, most notably Haitian Creole. French is the official language of 29 countries, most of which are members of la francophonie, the community of French-speaking countries. Above is the ranking of the 10 most popular languages in the world, the data source is taken from Ethnologue.

19.71% of the population of the European Union speaks French, which ranks third in the EU, after English and German, and is the second most widely taught language after English.

According to the Constitution of the French Republic, French has been the official language of France since 1992, although the Ordinance Villers-Cotterêts has made French mandatory for legal documents since 1539.

In Belgium, French is the official language at the federal level along with Dutch and German.

In addition to France, Switzerland is also a country using French and is spoken in western Switzerland, known as Romandy, of which Geneva is the largest city.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world
Top 10 most spoken language in the world – Arabic

Number 4 in this ranking is Arabic. Currently, it is estimated that 291 million people are using this language.

Arabic has three main language forms: Ancient Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and Colloquial Arabic. Arabic is the language of the holy scriptures of Islam and the Qu’ran. So it is very important for Muslim countries. Languages like English, German, and Hindi borrow a lot of their Arabic vocabulary. The French Minister of Education recently emphasized the learning and use of Arabic in their schools. In addition, English has many Arabic loanwords, some directly, but mostly through other Mediterranean languages. Examples of borrowed words are admiral, adobe, alchemy,…


Top 10 most spoken language in the world
Top 10 most spoken language in the world – Bengali

Bengal was partitioned by the British in 1947 (mostly Hindu) into West Bengal, now part of India; from East Bengal (mainly Muslim), now Bangladesh. This is the language of Kolkata, of the Andaman Islands, many of which are extremely vulnerable to climate change; In the next century, the population is expected to double while 15% of the land area is expected to disappear under the seabed.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world – Russian

Currently, 267 million people are speaking 30,000-50,000 students are studying Russian in the world. In which, the most used is in Russia, CIS countries, Baltic and Eastern Europe,… You may not know, this is the largest native language in Europe and Eurasia. If you wonder English is the most popular language on the Internet, what is the second most popular language? The answer is Russian.


Top 10 most spoken language in the world – Portuguese

This is a language that is highly contagious thanks to its colonial past. Beginning in the 15th century, Portuguese traders and conquerors brought their language to Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The spread of the Portuguese may have been tied to the conquest of Europe, but the colonized nations developed their vibrant culture and transformed that language forever. Today, Portuguese is spoken by 215 million people as a native language in countries such as Brazil, Goa, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Boisseau, São Tomé, and Príncipe, and Macau. Few people know that this language is also commonly used in Machado de Assis, Bossa Nova, Mia Couto, Fernando Pessoa, and Agualusa.


Indonesian – Top 10 Most spoken language in the world
Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia [baˈhasa indonesian]) is the official language of Indonesia. Indonesian is a standard Malay language that was officially identified with the declaration of independence of Indonesia in 1945. Malay and Indonesian are still quite similar.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. The majority of Indonesians speak Indonesian fluently, at a rate of almost 100%, thus making it one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world[1]. Most Indonesians, in addition to speaking one national language, are usually fluent in a regional language or dialect (e.g. Minangkabau, Sunda and Java), languages ​​commonly spoken at home and in the community. local copper. Formal education, as well as all national media and other forms of communication, use the Indonesian language.


In concluding our exploration of the world’s most spoken languages, we uncover not just a list of linguistic giants but a testament to the rich cultural tapestry woven by human civilization. These top ten languages, spoken by millions across diverse geographies, underscore the resilience, adaptability, and beauty of human expression.

Each language on this list represents not only a means of communication but a repository of history, tradition, and identity. They serve as conduits for literature, art, science, and commerce, fostering connections that transcend borders and fostering a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.

In celebrating this linguistic diversity, let us embrace the beauty of multilingualism and cherish the heritage encapsulated within each spoken word. As we navigate a world of ever-evolving communication, may these languages continue to unite, inspire, and pave the way for a more interconnected and harmonious global community.

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