Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

In today’s dynamic business landscape, managing cash flow efficiently is crucial for sustained growth. Factoring companies provide an invaluable service by allowing businesses to convert their accounts receivables into immediate working capital. Here’s a rundown of the top 7 factoring companies in the USA that can help businesses manage their cash flow effectively.

FundThrough: Unlocking Financial Freedom

Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA
FundThrough – Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

FundThrough stands as a beacon of financial flexibility, offering invoice factoring without the burden of credit checks. This game-changing company extends loans of up to $10 million, boasting funding speeds that are an impressive 97% faster compared to other players in the industry. The factoring rates offered range from a competitive 2.5% to 5%, and the icing on the cake is the absence of additional financing fees. However, it’s prudent to note that certain fees might apply for early invoice payments and same-day funding. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of partnering with FundThrough:


  • Lightning-fast funding speeds, outpacing the competition by 97%
  • Next-day funding option available
  • Freedom from financing fees
  • Transparent fee structure for early invoice payments
  • Eligibility for invoices under 90 days old
  • Expedited same-day funding, with an additional fee

Extra Details: Eligibility Evaluation: Instead of fixating on credit checks, FundThrough assesses a business’s cash flow through their bank account and accounting software. This approach also determines the funding limit. Eligible invoices must be under 90 days old, ensuring relevance and recency.

Turnaround Time: FundThrough prides itself on next-day funding; however, for those seeking swifter access, same-day funding is possible for a nominal fee.


Riviera Finance: Personalized Factoring Solutions

Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA
Riviera Finance – Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

For those who prefer a personal touch, Riviera Finance shines as an industry leader, collaborating with over 25 invoice factoring companies across the USA and Canada. Clients nationwide can access online factoring services, while local businesses can benefit from in-person assistance through their brick-and-mortar branches. The benefits and potential drawbacks of opting for Riviera Finance are outlined below:


  • Tailored local service in both the USA and Canada
  • Absence of start-up fees
  • Flexible factoring terms to suit varying needs
  • Availability of online account management
  • Dedicated account executives to guide clients


  • Application and approval processes may span several days
  • Factoring fees require negotiation

Extra Details: Diverse Eligibility: Riviera Finance accommodates businesses across multiple industries, including startups and established ventures. A notable criterion is that the business’s terms shouldn’t extend beyond 60 days.

Turnaround Time: Account approval typically transpires within 24 to 48 hours. Riviera Finance prides itself on swift fund disbursal, usually within a day post-invoice verification.

RTS Financial: Beyond Trucking Factoring

Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA
RTS Financial – Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

RTS Financial takes a unique angle by serving the trucking industry and offering integrated fuel discounts and tracking software. The platform boasts an impressive advance rate of up to 97% and extends the convenience of same-day funding sans any hidden fees. While the website might lack detail, let’s weigh the positives and negatives of RTS Financial:


  • Elimination of ACH and invoice-uploading fees
  • Mobile and web app for seamless invoice management
  • Expedited funding, usually within 24 hours
  • Integrated fuel savings program
  • Serving exclusively trucking companies


  • Vague website content, lacking service specifics
  • Mixed customer reviews online

Extra Details: Uncertain Eligibility: RTS Financial adopts a more relaxed approach to eligibility assessment, with no rigid revenue prerequisites. Nonetheless, website content doesn’t elaborate on qualifying criteria.

Turnaround Time: Invoices factored through RTS Financial can anticipate funding within a swift 24-hour timeframe.

altLINE: Empowering Businesses with Financing Options

Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA
altLINE – Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

A stalwart in the invoice factoring domain, altLINE offers a versatile A/R financing platform. Backed by The Southern Bank Company and operational since 1936, this player has factored over $800 million in invoices. Their fee structure, pros, and cons are outlined below:


  • Competitive discount rates commencing from 0.50%
  • Open to businesses spanning diverse industries
  • Parallel A/R financing option for comprehensive financial support
  • Flexibility in qualification criteria, excluding credit scores
  • Wide-ranging services catering to varied business needs


  • Potential origination, wire transfer, and fast funding fees
  • Funding speeds might lag behind rivals

Extra Details: Qualification Parameters: altLINE’s eligibility assessment considers the minimum gross monthly sales alongside other requirements, culminating in a holistic evaluation. The company embraces a comprehensive evaluation, encompassing client creditworthiness records, an application, AR aging reports, business bank account details, tax ID, and personal identification.

Turnaround Time: Expect a response within a day of quote submission, with funding typically available within 48 hours.


Triumph Business Capital: Fueling Freight and Trucking Ventures

Triumph Business Capital - Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA
Triumph Business Capital – Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

Triumph Business Capital caters specifically to the freight and trucking domain, encompassing entities ranging from owner-operators to larger fleets. The company’s enticing feature is an advance rate of up to 100%, while the absence of published rates and qualification requisites might pose a challenge:


  • Maximum advance rates of up to 100%
  • Fuel discount program enhancing value
  • Comprehensive services catering to diverse trucking operations


  • Absence of transparent discount rates
  • Unpublished qualification prerequisites
  • Potential origination fees adding to cost

Extra Details: Qualification Insights: While Triumph doesn’t explicitly publish their eligibility criteria, the emphasis lies on the creditworthiness of a business’s clients, shaping the decision-making process.

Turnaround Time: Triumph generally processes applications within 24 hours, providing expedited funding on the same day.

TCI Business Capital: Adaptable Financing for SMEs

Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA
TCI Business Capital – Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

TCI Business Capital stands out for its adaptability, catering to small and midsize enterprises. With transparent underwriting guidelines, quick quote responses, and flexible contracts, TCI offers enticing options for businesses seeking a more personalized approach:


  • Flexibility in updating rates on a monthly basis
  • Holistic financing suite encompassing invoices, payroll, and A/R
  • Positive customer support track record


  • Unpublished qualification requisites
  • Minimum monthly factoring threshold of $50,000
  • Applicability of base fee plus factoring rates

Extra Details: Qualification Criteria: A baseline monthly invoice average of $50,000 opens the doors to TCI’s factoring programs.

Turnaround Time: Funding speeds are exceptionally fast, with potential for same-day funding after the initial factoring round.

eCapital: Empowering Small Businesses

Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA
eCapital – Top 7 Factoring Companies in the USA

In the realm of small business factoring, eCapital stands as a beacon, known for its competitive rates. This company aids smaller enterprises in retaining profits while battling financial constraints. Here’s a glance at the pros and cons:


  • Non-recourse factoring enhancing risk management
  • Emphasis on supporting small and new businesses
  • Swiftness of payment within 24 hours
  • Robust advance rates, stretching up to 90%
  • Competitive rates for a holistic package


  • Potential cost escalation if invoice payments are delayed
  • Financing could become costly without timely customer payments

Overview: eCapital’s Legacy: With an extensive history of handling over 22 million invoices and collaborating with over 30,000 clients, eCapital emerges as a seasoned player. Their geographic presence spans North America and the UK, further accentuating their credibility.

Unique Selling Points: Non-recourse factoring guarantees protection against bankruptcy, while eCapital prioritizes a business’s ability to pay invoices over the business owner’s credit history.

Rates and Fees: While specific rates vary based on the extent of services and invoice volume, their competitive advance rate extends up to 90%. Additional fees may apply depending on the nature of the business and services sought.

Eligibility Criteria: eCapital champions inclusivity, as it accommodates startups without any length-of-business prerequisite. The evaluation pivots on a business’s ability to meet invoice payments.

Partnering with eCapital: The journey kicks off with a contact form, leading to a conversation with eCapital’s representatives. Should you choose to engage, funds could potentially be advanced within 24 hours post-agreement.

User-Friendly Portal: The client portal provided on their website enables seamless account management and fund tracking, cementing their commitment to convenience.


In conclusion, the top factoring companies in the USA present a varied landscape of options catering to businesses of all sizes and industries. Each player brings a unique set of advantages and considerations, empowering businesses to find the perfect match for their financial needs. By leveraging these factoring services, businesses can enhance their cash flow management, maintain steady growth, and unlock their full potential in the competitive market.

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