What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?

What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?

With the rapid advancement of AI technology, many are turning to Chat GPT as a tool for finding information on the internet. But how does it compare to the widely-used and well-established Google Search? In this article, we’ll delve into the key difference between Chat GPT and Google Search to help you understand the unique capabilities and limitations of each tool. From their search methods to their areas of expertise, we’ll compare and contrast these two information-finding powerhouses to give you a clearer picture of what they can offer.

What is Chat GPT?

What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?
What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?

Chat GPT can answer many complex questions with natural response, but the data is not as up-to-date as Google Search.

At the end of November 2022, OpenAI company introduced Chat GPT – super artificial intelligence that can well support users in answering questions, programming, writing dissertations, composing music… After 40 days, this AI surpassed 10 million users and often overloaded due to high traffic volume.

With the ability to interact like a real person and understand natural language, it is suggested that Chat GPT may soon replace the Google search engine. However, it is OpenAI CEO Sam Altman who has affirmed that Chat GPT is only in its infancy and cannot beat a giant like Google.

During the experience, users begin to realize that this super AI still has many disadvantages. In many cases, it gives incorrect and roundabout answers. OpenAI also acknowledges this limitation and says engineers need more time to adjust.

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What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?
What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?

The first difference between the two tools is the interface and the way it gives answers. While Chat GPT displays content as a message (chat), it feels as natural as having a conversation with another person. Response time is about 2-5 seconds, depending on the difficulty of each problem.

When you see an answer that is incomplete, incorrect or inappropriate, users can chat back to let the AI edit, supplement or explain the data, even apologizing if it gives the wrong answer.

In contrast, Google is already a familiar search engine for Internet users with a speed of returning results in less than a second. The results are displayed as a list of links for users to read, select and synthesize information themselves.

The second difference is the data source. Chat GPT is trained on a huge database of data dating back to before 2021, so it is not possible to provide the latest information.

As explained from Chat GPT itself, its data is taken from open and online documents on the Internet. Besides, it is trained using OpenAI’s deep learning and artificial intelligence technology. Therefore, the answer will not be as diverse as on Google Search.

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What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?
What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?

In terms of information screening, the two sides have different ways of handling it. Google’s search engine tries to avoid most content pitfalls by pushing this part of the work to users, letting them filter and make their own choices.

In contrast, Chat GPT automatically synthesizes complete responses from the training process. Therefore, it helps users to shorten the time when they need information immediately in many fields, but it is inferior to Google Search in terms of updating and verifiability, which scans the Internet for real-time data.

For some trick questions, Chat GPT is easy to “trick” or not fully understand the meaning and return wrong answers. On the contrary, because it is based on the list of links, users can search for puzzles with solutions quickly when using Google Search.

According to CNBC, at this stage, the results from Google are still reliable thanks to many years of experience in developing search engines as well as huge financial resources to invest in technology. On the contrary, Chat GPT is in beta and has experienced downtime due to overload many times.

Will Chat GPT replace Google?

What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?
What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google Search?

According to Livemint, Chat GPT can be used to find information, but in essence, the tool is not designed for that purpose. It doesn’t crawl the web, so it can’t cite sources to users. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said that Chat GPT is only in its early stages and cannot topple Google. “It’s a mistake to assume that one technology can put an end to a giant,” he said.

However, according to Paul Buchheit, the “father” of Gmail, users are only seeing the tip of the iceberg because AI can change the habit of looking up information online. He predicted on Twitter that Chat GPT could shut down Google Search or change the way it works in a year or two. “AI will eliminate the Search Results page, where Google makes the most money,” he said.

In the same opinion, Margaret O’Mara, a professor specializing in the history of Silicon Valley at the University of Washington, thinks that Google needs to be cautious about Chat GPT and similar models. “No company is invincible. All are vulnerable. For companies that are already very successful, it’s hard for them to take the next breakthrough with something else,” she said. .

According to experts, AI tools will soon cease to be curious things, but become ubiquitous, used every day like how people search on Google. “Six months from now, you’ll see amazing things you’ve never seen before,” Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, a nonprofit dedicated to AI research and engineering, said in mid-December. 2022 on WSJ.

In conclusion, ChatGPT and Google Search are two distinct tools with their own unique strengths and limitations. While Google Search is a global web search engine with billions of indexed pages, providing detailed and accurate information on the internet, ChatGPT is an AI language model trained to answer user questions using natural language. It can provide personalized suggestions and answers, but lacks the comprehensive search capabilities of Google Search. 

Ultimately, both ChatGPT and Google Search serve different purposes and can complement each other to enhance our overall search experience. Whether you’re looking for specific answers or a general overview of information, both tools offer valuable resources for finding what you’re looking for.

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