How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO

ChatGPT has emerged as an “all-powerful” tool globally. Even many people have assumed that it will cause some professions to be wiped out in the future. So what is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is ‘divine’ by everyone when this tool can almost answer most questions. Therefore, this tool can be applied in different industries. So how to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO – Chat GPT for SEO, ưhy not?

What is Chat GPT?

How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO
How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO

GPT stands for “Generative Pre-training Transformer”. This is a type of language developed based on Open AI. It is operated using a machine learning technique called transducers. It will allow the model to process input information and output results in an efficient and highly accurate manner.

Even GPT can create documents with natural language as humans write. Therefore, the tool has been used in translation, writing content and making dialogues. Not stopping there, Chat GPT also has applications in the Digital Marketing industry. So what are the applications of Chat GPT in Marketing and especially SEO?

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How to create content on Chat GPT?

How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO
How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO

GPT is a type of language processing technology similar to human writing. Therefore, Marketers can use GPT to support SEO and content writing. Here are some potential applications for SEO-er:

Keyword Research with Chat GPT

The tool can assist in creating a list of potential keywords or phrases in a Marketing campaign. These keyword sets can be based on a topic, content or an original keyword.

Create content with Chat GPT

Users only need to issue requests or instructions to the platform. Now GPT can create all the content for the user such as articles or product descriptions. Therefore, this is a useful tool that will help marketers to create a large amount of content.

GPT can be used to generate topics or content ideas for marketers. The tool just needs to be based on industry factors, audience characteristics and the requirements needed to create new content.

Note: GPT is still a pretty useful tool for SEO and content creation to this day. However, the output content still needs human editing and evaluation. As a result, GPT cannot fully produce accurate, relevant, and quality content at present.

Optimize content with Chat GPT

SEO-er can use Chat GPT to generate suggestions or similar content to be more search engine friendly. The tool will help users reduce duplicate sentences and focus more on keyword phrases.

How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO?

How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO
How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO

Not only in supporting the creation of content for Marketing and SEO campaigns, GPT can also assist in many other aspects. Here are some ways that GPT can be applied to Marketing and SEO.


Marketers can use GPT to build Chatbot. The platform will help train Chatbots to answer user questions in a more natural and personalized way.

Create content

SEO and Digital Marketing can use GPT to create unique and interesting content for their campaigns. GPT can not only support the creation of content on the Website, but also attractive content on social networks can be created.

Keyword research

Chat GPT can help marketers identify relevant keywords to target for their campaigns. This feature will help the Marketing campaigns to be more diverse and accurate than before.

Write advertising content

Not only helps Marketers write SEO content for Website or social media posts. Now, GPT can also help users write content for paid ads. The platform can write effective content for paid search and social media advertising campaigns.

Customer service

Chat GPT can be used to train customer care chatbots to respond to answers. Trained chatbots can give more effective and personalized responses. This helps brands to close the gap with customers.

Overall, Chat GPT can be used as a useful tool for marketers. This platform will help improve efficiency and marketing efforts through the use of machine learning.

Disadvantages of Chat GPT

How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO
How to use Chat GPT for Digital Marketing and SEO

Chat GPT is a tool that is quite appreciated because of its ‘smartness’. However, the platform still possesses some disadvantages at present. So what are some disadvantages of Chat GPT?

Limited context

Currently, GPT can only generate content based on the provided contexts. If the context is unclear or incomplete, it is loaded. At this point, the generated content may be incorrect or inappropriate.

Lack of overview

GPT is a tool so it will lack an overview of the context provided. At this point, the platform will create content that is inaccurate or meaningless to users.


Like any machine learning model, Chat GPT only works well with already loaded information. Therefore, if the input data contains erroneous content, the resulting text may also be skewed.

Difficult to handle multiple threads at the same time

For now, GPT will quickly process unified content on a topic. If the text contains many topics, it will be difficult for GPT to process. Platforms will take a lot of time even confusing them with each other.

Inability to be highly creative

GPT is not capable of creating original content. What it can only do is combine information and modify it to create new ones.

Chat GPT is a platform that helps users give answers to any question. GPT can even generate different content when required. Not only impacting the Marketing industry, GPT also predicts that it will affect a number of other industries in the future.

Although possessing many benefits, GPT still has many weaknesses. Therefore, GPT is still just machine learning so it only works well when the user gives it enough information.

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