Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

Throughout history, people have sought meaning and purpose through the formation of religious and philosophical communities. While many of these communities are widely recognized and well-respected, there are others that are widely regarded as strange or even dangerous. These cults often feature unusual practices, beliefs, and lifestyles that set them apart from mainstream society. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most bizarre and unusual cults from around the world.

From secretive sects to doomsday-preaching groups, these top 8 weirdest cults in the world will leave you scratching your head and wondering how they managed to attract followers in the first place. So buckle up, because we’re about to take a journey into the strange and sometimes unsettling world of cults.


Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Scientology – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

First of the list Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world is Scientology. Scientology is a sect that claims to offer its followers a way to understand people’s true soul nature and their relationship with themselves and their families. However, this sect is considered by some countries as an evil religion, taking advantage of its members for business and profiteering.

When Mr. L. Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology in February 1954 in Los Angeles (USA), one of his main goals was to woo celebrities for membership. Sixty years later, that goal seems to have been achieved: Despite having 50,000 members, the sect’s value is up to $1.2 billion, most of which is donated and raised by stars. Over the years, two of the church’s most precious patrons have been actors John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

Scientology is officially recognized as a religion in the US, Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Taiwan. Meanwhile, in some other countries such as France, Germany, and New Zealand, many controversies revolve around whether Scientology is really a religion or not. One of the most criticized extremes of Scientology is its no-contact policy. Accordingly, members of the sect must cut off contact with friends, relatives and even spouses and children if those people suspect and oppose the organization.

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Jesus Centered Church

Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Jesus Centered Church – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

2nd in Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world is Jesus Centered Church. Jesus Centered Church is located in the center of Seoul, South Korea, led by Pastor Joshua Lee. Despite claiming to be a conventional Catholic church, Jesus Centered Church was denounced by the Christian Parish as a land of fanaticism, when people actually believed in radical ideas, such as disease caused by the devil. cause and view medical treatment as sinful. For believers, Mr. Lee Cho Seok is considered a “holy” with the ability to “exorcise evil”, cure diseases with mantras.

Actor Park Bo-gum once publicly promoted Jesus Centered Church on his Twitter account, causing a lot of controversy. Park Bo-gum once shared in an interview that when he was young, he had a serious illness and was about to die. Due to his belief in the sect, his father decided not to take his son to the hospital, instead going to church for the pastor to “cure” him with sermons and mantras. After that, Park Bo Gum miraculously recovered and since then, he has also become a devout believer, frequenting Jesus Centered Church.

Salvation Sect

Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Salvation Sect – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

Salvation Sect – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world is a controversial sect in Korea. The Church of Salvation was founded by the late billionaire Lee Byung Un in 1962 with the belief that those who are saved or protected by God will be free from future sins and secure the way to heaven. Unlike other religions, the “Salvation” church does not advise people about repentance and repentance.

In 2014, some sources suggested that this sect was involved in the cause of the Sewol ferry accident, but the association denied it. The owner of the Sewol ferry – Mr. Lee Byung Un – heads the sect. After the Sewol capsized accident on April 16, 2014, killing 292 people, Mr. Lee Byung Un fled and was wanted by the Korean police. On June 11, 2014, about 6,000 policemen searched a church in southern Seoul and arrested three people suspected of helping him escape. Lee Byung Un is also accused of embezzlement, illegal business and tax evasion. In July 2014, the police discovered Lee Byung Un’s unexplained death. Many of his family members were also arrested.

Eastern Lightning

Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Eastern Lightning – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

Followers of the Eastern Light sect believe that Jesus was reincarnated into Yang Xiangbin – the wife of the group’s founder – physics teacher Zhao Weishan in China. The Eastern Light Sect has a large number of members, over a million people in all parts of China. However, in China, this sect is banned and referred to as the evil cult.

The sect is believed to be involved in a series of evils such as extortion, beatings, murder… According to the South China Morning Post, this sect is involved in the kidnapping of 35 Protestant believers in 2002 in Vietnam. China. In addition, the boy’s eye-popping incident in Shanxi in 2013 and the riots related to the 2012 apocalypse are also believed to be negative activities of this sect. The Chinese government also declared the Eastern Lights to be an evil cult and warned people not to join.

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Aum Shinrikyo

Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Aum Shinrikyo – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

Aum Shinrikyo – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world from Japan which means “ultimate truth”, was founded in 1984 by Asahara, a nearly blind yoga teacher. The doctrine of this sect includes elements from Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. Asahara often sees himself as the embodiment of God, thinks the British Royal Family has a plot against him, and thinks the world will end in 1997 after a war sparked by the US. At the time of 1995, it was estimated that the sect had 10,000 followers in Japan and about 30,000 in Russia.

On March 20, 1995, members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult pierced bags filled with sarin liquid that were carried onto five subway cars in Tokyo during the morning rush hour. Thirteen members were sentenced to death, of which seven were transferred to different prisons outside of Tokyo. Shoko Asahara, 63, the head of the sect, was also sentenced to death but has not been relocated. JSCPR has written to the Japanese Justice Minister, calling for the execution of Asahara only and the reduction of life sentences for others.

Branch Davidian

Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Branch Davidian – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

The Branch Davidian is a sect that split from a schism within the Seventh-day Adventist Church (a Protestant denomination of the Adventist movement). The leader of this sect is David Korseh, based on a hilltop in Waco, Texas. Branch Davidian cult is suspected of weapons violations. There are also other allegations about leader David Koresh, with many reports that he sexually abused many women in the sect, including children. He has a total of 150 wives including girls 12-13 years old.

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Beer, Firearms and Tobacco (ATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched the attack and arrested the sect. The FBI initiated the siege of Waco for 51 days (February 28 – April 19, 1993). After days of stalemate, the FBI launched an attack and used tear gas to force everyone in the headquarters out. However, a fire broke out, engulfing the place, killing 76 people, including David Korseh.

Heaven’s Gate

Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Heaven’s Gate – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

On March 26, 1997, a mass suicide shocked not only the United States but the whole world, by macabre details and related to the notorious Heaven’s Gate sect – One of the Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world. After an emergency call to the 911 hotline, the police immediately arrived at the Mediterranean-style mansion near Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego County, California (USA). They had to witness the most terrifying and unprecedented scene: a series of dead bodies lying in strange positions with purple towels covering their heads.

This sect was founded in 1974 in the United States. Members of this sect believe that the Earth is about to “reborn”, nature will kill all humans, re-creating the Earth as it was. The only way to survive is to leave Earth. After much investigation, the police received many testimonies that the Heaven’s Gate Cult believed that there was a UFO approaching the Earth and that the only way to board the ship was to commit suicide.

Peoples Temple

Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world
Peoples Temple – Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world

Last in the post “Top 8 Weirdest cults in the world” is Peoples Temple. Founded by Jim Jones in Indianapolis, Indiana. Peoples Temple is a sect that left an obsession for America when it caused nearly 1,000 people to commit suicide or be killed. Excluding natural disasters and war, the number of people who died in the Peoples Temple suicide on November 18, 1978 was only less than that of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The cult forced its members to work like slaves, and Jones let people beat those who insulted or dared to flee the cult. On November 18, 1978, the US government sent a special force to Jonestown to crack down on this heretical cult. But when they arrived, they discovered that nearly 1,000 people had taken sedatives or were shot and stabbed to death. In total, about 912 people died from poison, including 276 children. After forcing the followers to commit suicide, Jim Jones also committed suicide with a pistol. Since then this sect ended.

In conclusion, the world of cults is filled with strange and often unsettling beliefs and practices that often defy reason and conventional wisdom. From secretive sects to doomsday-preaching groups, these top 8 weirdest cults represent a fascinating and at times disturbing aspect of human history. It’s important to remember that these groups often cause harm to their members and others, and should not be romanticized or glorified.

Instead, we should strive to understand the motivations and experiences of those involved, and work to prevent the spread of misinformation and harmful ideologies. By doing so, we can help promote greater understanding, compassion, and social cohesion in a world that often seems divided and in need of healing.

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