Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets in The World and Their Miracles – Top 10 Greatest Prophets in the world

There are many strange things in the world that science cannot explain and the ability to predict is one of them. In history, there have been extraordinary people with the ability to predict the future with accuracy that amazed mankind. Here, I would like to introduce to you the typical prophets among them. Welcome to the article Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth by


Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Vanga – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

The first person in the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth must be Vanga. Vanga is a Bulgarian seer, she was born on January 31, 1911 with the birth name Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova. Having lost her mother at a young age, her father enlisted in the army, so Vanga lived with the people in the village. Little Vanga is very smart, lovely and has a natural talent for herbs. At the age of twelve, Vanga was swept away by a sandstorm. Although she survived, Vanga was blinded by sand in both eyes. After becoming blind, she began to have the ability to predict. Vanga made his first prediction at the age of 16 when he pointed out exactly where thieves hid the neighbor’s sheep.

Due to poverty and blindness, Vanga could not go to school and was illiterate. All the predictions she made were recorded by her relatives. According to Vanga, she has the ability to “see” invisible beings and they tell her about the past and future of the people she meets. However, Vanga also said that she can only “see” the future, but has absolutely no ability to change it.

Vanga’s accurate predictions:

  • The sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk: “Kursk will be covered with water and the whole world will mourn it”. This prediction was made in 1980, twenty years before the Kursk sank, killing all of its crew in 2000.
  • The 9/11 terrorist attack in the US: “It’s terrible! It’s terrible! The American brother will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves howl in the bushes and the blood of the innocents. sin will fall”. This prediction was made in 1989.
  • Vanga has also correctly predicted the date of Stalin’s death, the Chernobyl disaster, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the death of Princess Diana…and many predictions have been confirmed by those who come to ask for help. she helps the future.

Vanga died on August 11, 1996. During her lifetime, she has made many future predictions for the world and it is still to be seen how accurate these predictions are.

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Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Nostradamus – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

Along with Vanga named in the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth, Nostradamus is a French prophet. He was born on December 14, 1503 and died on July 2, 1566. As the youngest in a family of nine children, Nostradamus showed intelligence from a young age. He was gifted with natural and herbal sciences. However, Nostradamus’s studies did not go well when the first university he attended was closed due to the plague and he was expelled from the second school for breaking school rules. Thus, Nostradamus’ knowledge of herbs was largely self-taught.

After being expelled from school, Nostradamus continued to pursue herbal studies, married and had children. However, both Nostradamus’ wife and two children died of the plague. After the death of his wife and children, Nostradamus continued to travel extensively and many believe that he switched from herbal studies to spirituality after a trip to Italy.

Nostradamus published the book “The Centuries” of four-line poems containing his predictions about the future arranged in clear timelines. This book was first printed in 1555 and then reprinted twice in 1557 and 1558. Reprints have been corrected.

The correct predictions of Nostradamus:

  • The Great Fire of London in 1666: The blood of justice will cover London / It will be consumed by fire in 66 / The queen will lose her place / Many people will die. This fire lasted for three days and nights and turned more than half of London to ashes.
  • Death of King Henry II: The young lion will triumph over the older one/ The fight ends in a duel/ His eye will be pierced by a golden cage/ Two wounds merge into one, one painful death. King Henry was stabbed by a spear during a match and died from an infected wound.
  • Adolf Hitler: From the far west of Europe/ A child will be born into a poor family/ He will charm people with his tongue/ And his fame will spread to the whole world. Hitler is considered the most evil dictator in history for being the initiator of the killing of the Jews. Adolf Hitler was famous for his persuasive speech.

In addition, Nostradamus also correctly predicted many other events such as: World War II, the US dropped bombs on Japan, man conquered the moon, 9/11 terrorist …

Edgar Cayce

Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Edgar Cayce – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

Edgar Cayce was born on March 18, 1877 and died on January 3, 1945. He was a Christian American prophet. Edgar is also known as the “Sleeping Prophet” in the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth.

Edgar is the son of a peasant family, from a young age he has had some strange abilities such as seeing dead people, seeing through objects or memorizing a book after just one reading. These abilities made it difficult for Edgar to make friends with his peers and get along with those around him. At the age of 15, Edgar ran away from home to start an independent life.

At the age of 21, Edgar suddenly lost his voice and no doctor could cure his illness. It was not until a year later that Edgar met a hypnotist named Hart and was cured by him. After undergoing hypnotherapy, Edgar discovers he has a strange new ability to predict the future. When he fell asleep in a trance, Edgar was able to answer questions about the future or diagnose illnesses for others.

Thanks to this special talent, Edgar quickly became famous. Thousands of people have turned to him for help or foretelling the future. Edgar’s powers are so strong that he can preview people thousands of kilometers away without meeting face-to-face. While in hypnosis, Edgar had an assistant to help record his predictions and there were about 15,000 documents recorded.

Edgar’s prophecies are not vague or implied like those of Vanga or Nostradamus but are very clear and direct. Several events have been correctly predicted by Edgar:

  • Death of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt: The next president will not survive but leave office. President Roosevelt died of a stroke in his office in 1945.
  • The fall of the Fascist regime: The fall will come from within or from an external war. In 1945, Fascism officially collapsed under the strong attack of the Red Army of the Soviet Union and the armies of allied countries.
  • Global warming: Cold or subtropical regions will warm, and mosses or ferns will grow. The temperature of the earth is increasing day by day leading to climate change and many other negative consequences.

In addition, Edgar Cayce also makes predictions about the rise of China in the 21st century, the development of the spiritual field, new healing methods…

Wolf Messing

Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Wolf Messing – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

Wolf Messing full name is Wolf Messing Grigorevich, he is a Russian psychic and seer. Messing is also known for his superhuman hypnosis. He was born on September 1, 1899 and died on November 8, 1974 and is the next name in the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth.

From an early age, Messing had an unusual intelligence and strong psychic powers. He can read other people’s thoughts through their physical expressions. Like the prophets mentioned above, Messing did not have an ordinary childhood like other children. He soon became friends with solitude and began a wandering life at the age of 11. During his lifetime, Messing traveled through countries: Russia, Germany and Poland.

While in Germany, Messing used his prophetic and hypnotic abilities to perform in circuses and quickly became famous. Many people have come to Messing to hear his predictions. During a performance, Messing said, “If Hitler turns his attack to the east, he will be destroyed”. This prediction angered Hitler and ordered the pursuit of Messing across Germany, and Messing fled to Poland to escape Hitler’s clutches. History has proven this prediction of Messing. After redirecting the attack to Russia (east of Germany), Hitler’s army was destroyed by the Soviet Red Army.

After arriving in Poland, Messing continued to flee to Russia and met Joseph Stalin, the supreme leader of Russia at that time. Not believing in psychic powers, Stalin repeatedly tried Messing and failed. Messing was respected by Stalin and protected by the Russian army. Messing also saved the life of Stalin’s son Vasily Stalin by preventing him from boarding an army plane. The plane exploded shortly after takeoff, killing all passengers.

Messing also foretold Russia’s victory over the Nazis when he made a prediction to Stalin: “I saw Russian tanks flying flags and marching on the streets of Berlin.”

Messing remained in Russia and developed his studies in the fields of spirituality and hypnosis for the rest of his life. Messing’s predictions were not well documented and were either lost during the war or were kept secret by the Russian military. However, the Russian government’s respect also proved Messing’s great spiritual capacity.

Emanuel Swedenborg

In Sweden there is another famous person who “sees the future” is Emanuel Swedenborg – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth. Emanuel Swedenborg is a famous Swedish scientist known for his ability to go to heaven and to hell.

He was born in 1688 and died in 1772, he had profound knowledge in many fields, from science, astronomy, religion, mathematics, history, geology to oceans, biology, mechanics, space science. Air, ships… This seer is considered a scientist of the 18th century.

He made his family members extremely scared while having dinner, he suddenly shouted loudly: “There is a big fire in Stockholm” (Stockhom is his hometown). that this prophet was located 500 km from Stockholm. Even, thanks to his “divine eye”, Emanuel knew how far the fire had spread, he described exactly how the fire was extinguished and breathed a sigh of relief. what a relief to “see” the fire put out when only a few blocks away from my house!

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Kongming – Zhuge Liang

Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Kongming – Zhuge Liang – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

An Asian in the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth is Kongming. When it comes to predictors of the future of China, it is impossible not to mention a world-famous figure in this field. That person is Kongming – Zhuge Liang. He was the advisor of Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms period. Zhuge Liang often predicts things very quickly with Chiem Pok or Four Release spells. Kongming is considered to be the person most influenced by the yin and yang Yi Li in the universe. Zhuge Kongming’s books on Math Release have preserved many books of Kongming God of Math to this day. Zhuge Liang’s prophecies are still transmitted to this day with very strange and true effects even though he predicted hundreds of years.

Talking about Kongming’s miracle “documentation like god”, Chinese folk still have an interesting story. Legend has it that, before dying, Zhuge Liang advised his descendants: “After I die, among you will encounter a deadly disaster. Until then, let’s demolish the house, take out a paper wrapper from the wall, in which there is a way to save lives.” After his death, Sima Yan ascended the throne. Hearing that among the court officers there was a general who was a descendant of Zhuge Liang, Yan thought of a way to punish this man. One day, Sima Yan found an excuse to condemn the Zhuge general to death. On the Golden Temple, Yan asked: “Before you died, what did your ancestors say?”. The “sinner” honestly conveyed to the king Zhuge Liang’s advice. Hearing that, Sima Yan ordered the soldiers to demolish the house and take out the wrapping paper. Inside, there was only a sealed envelope, with the above written: “Wu Huang Nhi declared” (meaning the emperor opened it to see).

The soldiers sent letters to the king. In the letter there are some words: “Please take three steps back”. Sima Yan immediately followed suit. As soon as he stood up, he heard a “bang”, the beam fell straight down to the king’s seat, causing the table and chairs to shatter. Yan saw this, but froze in fear, then continued to read the lines at the end of the letter: “I save your life, you keep the lives of my children.” After reading the letter, Sima Yan secretly admired Zhuge Kongming’s god-like prediction and ordered the general to be reinstated. And according to the Open Encyclopedia, Kongming suddenly fell seriously ill when he went to Qíshān for the 6th time. Knowing his fate was about to end, he called the talented general Jiang Wei to pass on his 24 heavenly military books. Zhuge Liang also carefully instructed the generals to be on high alert, in case the Wei army attacked, Wei Yan turned his face to betray and then presented a plan to deal with it.

Sure enough, all his worries and predictions before his death came true. Wei Yan turned to treason, but because he listened to the advice of his advisor, Ma Dai cut Yan to death. Again, when Sima Yi called for troops to fight, the Thuc side pushed a cart with a wooden statue of Kongming into the battle, causing Yi to panic and flee. Thanks to that, the Shu army safely withdrew to Chengdu. Again, Zhuge Liang’s foresight saved the lives of the soldiers and saved the kingdom’s affairs.

Jean Dixon

Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Jean Dixon – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

America is home to a woman famous for predicting the future – Mrs. Jean Dixon, One of the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth. At the age of 14, the “child” prophet Jeane made an accurate prediction about the famous movie star of that time named Carole Lombard. At that time, she predicted that this female star would have a plane crash in 1942 that killed her. So she advised Carole to cancel this month’s flight because the plane would explode. However, this star did not believe and just agreed to flip a coin to make a decision. If the coin is heads she will cancel, if it is tails, she will still follow the original plan. At that point, the flipped coin is tails and the star Carole continues her flight. On January 6, 1942, while returning from Indiana on a TWA Skysleeper, she and 21 other passengers and crew traveling from Las Vegas to Burbank, California crashed into Table Mountain in Nevada. This fatal accident took the lives of Carole and all the others.

Therefore, Jeane’s prophecy about the fate of the famous female star Carole has come true. Despite her ability to foresee the future, she was unable to change that person’s fate. Besides, this oracle also accurately predicted the assassination of President Kennedy, the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. She also correctly predicted that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill would not be re-elected for that position a second time in the 1945 election.

Not stopping there, she also correctly predicted that United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold would die in a plane crash and a death of 3 NASA astronauts on the ground. The truth proved that Jeane’s prophecy was correct when United Nations Secretary-General Dag had a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) in September 1961 resulting in death.

The other event, astronaut Gus Grissom who participated in NASA’s first space programs, Mercury and two astronauts participating in the Apollo program, died when a fire broke out on the launch pad during rehearsals on the same day. January 27, 1967.

Louis Hamon

Louis Hamon (1866-1936) was nicknamed in the world Cheiro (in Greek for “pointing hand”). Louis Hamon was born in a village on the outskirts of Dublin in Ireland in 1866. When he was not yet 20 years old, Louis Hamon left his homeland to Mumbai (India). There he learned palm reading from a Brahmin and trained for three years with a Guru. Then he left India and went to Egypt.

At the age of 24, Louis Hamon returned to London, where he began to practice divination and quickly became famous. By the age of 27 he had studied more than 6,000 hands. He went to America and gave lectures everywhere. His reputation became more and more known when he reached out to death row inmate H. Meyer and said that this person would not be executed. And exactly one day before the sentencing, H.Meyer was transferred from the death penalty… to life in prison. He also has many accurate prophecies through palm readings for many other celebrities and proven facts.

In addition to reading palmistry and making predictions for individuals, the prophet Louis Hamon foretold the first world war, the communist revolution in Russia and China, the return of the Jews to the founding of Israel. … The European kings at that time such as the king of Belgium, the king of Italy, and King Edward VII of England all believed in Louis Hamon’s talent.

In 1930, Louis Hamon moved to Hollywood to live. He died in 1936 at Hollywood Boulevard, leaving behind several books on hand studies. With such expressions, it is not difficult to see Louis Hamon named in the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth.

Maria Lenorman

Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Maria Lenorman – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

Maria Adelaida Lenorman is one of the strange female prophets with natural foresight. In 1772, Maria was born in the town of Alanson – Paris – France with a long jet black hair and a mouth full of teeth. Of course, that caused panic for the girl’s parents and loved ones. At the age of 6, Maria Lenorman showed her precognitive abilities when she was sent to a Catholic convent. Maria had predicted that the abbot’s mother would leave her post and marry a rich husband and this happened according to the prediction.

In 1793, the small room of the fortune-teller Maria unexpectedly received the presence of Robespier, Marat and Sen-Jyust – 3 famous leaders of the post-monarchy French government. Maria said that all three of them will have extremely tragic deaths. Later, Marat was fatally shot by Sharlotte Conde, and two of his companions were beheaded a year later.

She was also the one who predicted Josephina would be the queen of France and predicted the illustrious King Napoleon and his tragic life after the age of 40. In the Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth she is one of the few great prophets.


Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth
Juselino – Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth

Last on the list of Top 10 Most Powerful Prophets on Earth is Juselino. Prophet Juselino was born in March 1960 in the city of Maringa in the Brazilian state of Parana. Currently, he is an English teacher, still living a frugal life with his wife and four daughters in the suburbs of Sao Paulo.

From the age of 9 (in 1969) he had strange abilities. In a dream, he could see 3 events and at times up to 9 events. Juselino says that dreams come from his unconsciousness. He has no control over these dreams.

He has predicted many events and disasters that have happened around the world, including 9/11, the Iraq war in 2003 and the defeat of President Saddam Hussein, his arrest and trial. , earthquake and tsunami (tsunami) in the Indonesian archipelago in 2004, the tragic death of Princess Diana and the death of Pope John Paulo II in 2005.

Above are the world’s eminent prophets whose talents have been proven by history. There are many more such wonderful people that have existed in the human race. Perhaps, they are also waiting for an answer from scientists for their supernatural abilities.

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