Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

Top 10 Fastest land Animals in the world – What is the fastest land animal in the world? – The fastest land animal on Earth

Are you curious to know which is the fastest animal in the world? Then let find out Top 10 fastest animals in this article with!

What animal runs the fastest is probably something that everyone has been curious about. The colorful animal world is always an exciting topic to explore. Although animals do not have a developed brain like humans, they have extraordinary abilities. One of their abilities is the speed of movement. So let’s discover the Top 10 fastest animals below!

Jaguar Cheetah (130km/h)

  • Speed: 80 โ€“ 130 km/h (running, estimated)
  • Length: 1.1 m โ€“ 1.5 m
  • Species: Jubatus
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World -Jaguar Cheetah

The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah, which usually lives in Africa. Journalists are classified into many species, such as Asian cheetahs, leopards, black panthers, etc. But only the cheetah has the fastest speed in the family of journalists.

With a perfect body structure such as long legs, slim waist, light skeleton, bunched spine, long tail,… help cheetahs can run at speeds from 85 – 130km/h. In particular, they can accelerate from 0 – 95km / h in less than 3 seconds, equal to the speed of supercars such as Lamborghini, Bugatti…

The running acceleration of cheetahs is even faster than the acceleration of jets. They appear and attack their prey as fast as the wind. However, cheetahs can only maintain a maximum speed of 120 โ€“ 130km/h for a short time of 25 seconds. And the time to chase prey in the maximum distance is 500m.

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Pronghorn Antelope (88.5km/h)

  • Speed: 98km/h (maximum), 88.5km/h (average)
  • Height: 81 โ€“ 100 cm
  • Weight: 35 โ€“ 65 kg
Pronghorn Antelope – Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

Pronghorn antelope, also known as the American antelope, is the second-fastest running animal in the world. However, this is the animal that maintains the fastest running speed for the longest distance.

It can maintain a speed of nearly 56km/h for the first few kilometers and even faster for shorter distances. During sprinting to evade predators, pronghorns can reach a top speed of about 88km/h thanks to exceptional cushioning on their hooves and their ability to take in large amounts of oxygen as they run.

Antelope Springbok (88km/h)

  • Speed: 88 km/h
  • Height: 70 โ€“ 90 cm
  • Species: A. marsupialis
  • Weight: 33 โ€“ 48 kg
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World
Antelope Springbok – Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

Also known as jumping antelope, they usually live mainly in the savannas of Africa. Springbok antelope has a maximum running speed of 85km/h but for short distances.

In addition, this animal also possesses many special skills such as jumping 3 meters high, can change position, running direction when maintaining high speed. Again, this is an ability that very few other animals can own.

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Horses (nearly 71km/h)

  • Speed: 71 km/h
  • Length: 2.4 m
  • Lifespan: 25 – 30 years
  • Species: Caballus
Horses – Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

Horses are animals that humans domesticate for commuting or recreational purposes. Many horse species can achieve the fastest running speed of 88km/h.

To achieve this speed, horses must be trained and have the proper nutrition, which is difficult for wild horses to achieve this speed compared to horses that are purebred and raised by humans.

Wildebeest (80.5km/h)

  • Speed: 80.5km/h
  • Weight: 260 โ€“ 290kg
  • Height: 170 โ€“ 240cm
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World
Wildebeest – Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

Wildebeest is an endemic animal living only in Africa. It is divided into 2 types, including blue wildebeest and black wildebeest. The maximum running speed that wildebeest can achieve is 80km/h.

Their body structure allows them to run for endurance rather than a sprint, which helps them in their constant migration over land. Wildebeests usually live in large herds of 1,000 to 100,000 and make the most prominent annual migration of any animal in search of food.


Lion – Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

The lion is one of the largest and most dangerous predators in the world, but speed is not the strong point of this feline animal. Lions, when hunting, can reach a maximum speed of 80.5km / h in a short time.

The lion can calculate the distance and increase the running speed to the highest level from 0 – 80km/h in 3 to 5 seconds. However, they often hunt in groups, so the speed is not the only key to success for lions to take down prey.

Blackbuck Antelope (80km/h)

  • Speed: 80km/h
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Length: 1.2 m
  • Species: Cervicapra
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World
Blackbuck Antelope – Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

Blackbuck antelope is also known as Indian antelope. They can maintain a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour for more than 1.5 kilometers, thanks to their vast 6.5-meter stride.

Because of the impressive horns of the male, sadly, the blackbuck is a highly hunted and endangered animal on the list of the fastest animals in the world today.

Hare (77km/h)

  • Speed: 77km/h
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Length: 53cm
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World – Hare

Hares have long, muscular hind legs that enable them to reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour to evade predators in their grassland habitat.

Similar in appearance to the ordinary rabbit, the hare has longer ears and lives alone or in pairs on the ground. This rabbit can both run and jump to change the direction of movement, so slow enemies are difficult to catch them.

Greyhound (72km/h)

  • Speed: 72 km/h
  • Lifespan: 10 to 14 years
  • Origin: England, British Isles
Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World – Greyhound

The Greyhound is a hunting dog with a calm, gentle and intelligent nature. Therefore, today this breed has become a popular family pet. The highlight of this animal is the ability to run fast and reach speeds of 74km/h.

Its long, strong legs and large chest, flexible spine, and slim body enable it to achieve incredible speeds when running. In addition, incredibly long, muscular legs allow them to stride very long distances. And the long and pointed tail acts as a brake and rudder when running.

In addition, they are also a species that can accelerate quickly with a short period. Greyhound is the only species you can consider keeping in the house

Ostrich (70 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World
Ostrich – Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

The ostrich (Struthio camelus) is a giant bird on Earth today and the fastest bird on the ground because they are flightless. According to the San Diego Zoo, ostriches use their long and strong legs to run up to 43 mph (70 km/h) for short periods.ย 

Ostriches grow to 9 feet (2.7 m) tall, and a stride can be 10 to 16 feet (3 to 5 m) long. These giant birds use their quickness to escape danger, including from predators like lions.

Ostriches live in Africa’s lowlands and semi-arid forests, including Mauritania and Senegal in the West. According to the Africa Wildlife Foundation, Somalia and Tanzania in the East; Zimbabwe and South Africa in the South.

Above is the list of Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World compiled by Which animal do you like the most? Do you know which species runs faster? Please leave a comment below the article!!!

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