Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Referring to Qatar, you immediately think of a modern country with a long history in the middle of a desert full of sand, sun and wind. However, in Qatar, there are also cultural and human beauties that cannot be found anywhere else.

Today, will send you the article Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar. Hopefully this article will bring a great experience if you have the opportunity to travel to Qatar during the biggest football festival on the planet World Cup 2022. Let’s start now!!!

1. Majboos

Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Majboos – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Majboos, also known as Machboos, is a traditional food in Qatar. It is made from seasoned rice and cooked chicken, lamb or any other meat, including camel and fish. Marinating the meat allows them to take on a rich flavor, and it creates a delicious blend of spices and aromas. This traditional dish in Qatar is slow cooked to ensure that the rich flavor penetrates every fiber of the meat, which shows the patience of the people here in the preparation of the dish.

As the most famous traditional dish in Qatar, you can find it in every restaurant in the country. However, most of them have their own recipe for this dish, so you can try many times and try to find your own special taste!

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2. Baleelat

Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Baleelat – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

This traditional food in Qatari is a combination of sweet and savory. Baleelat’s ingredients are made from noodles, spiced with cardamom, saffron and rose water, giving it a rich sweetness. The dish is then topped with an omelet for a greasy feel.

Although it is usually served for breakfast, it is also a very popular dessert and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Balaleet is mainly eaten during the traditional festival of Eid al Fitr, the Eid festival of the people here, held immediately after the fasting month of Ramadan.

3. Umm Ali

Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Umm Ali – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Another famous dessert in Qatar – Umm Ali, this dish originated in Egypt, but has become popular in many Middle Eastern countries. After enjoying savory dishes, a soft and cinnamon-scented cake like Umm Ali is definitely a great choice for you.

Similar to pudding, Umm Ali is made with condensed milk, raisins and chopped nuts, combined with cinnamon to create a particularly attractive flavor for diners. Along with that are many different types of fillings to increase the flavor. Umm Ali is baked until the top is crispy and is a complete cake.
This is one of the best Qatari sweets and is loved by both locals and tourists alike, so it should definitely be on your list when visiting Qatar during this 2022 World Cup!

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4. Shawarma

Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Shawarma – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Looking at this Shawarma, many people probably think of tacos. This is a must-try dish when visiting Qatar and is extremely popular in the Middle East. The people of Qatar took the idea from Hamburger or sandwich – a sandwich commonly found in Europe, but using different ingredients in a more creative way.

More than simply grilled beef, chicken or lamb wrapped in a flatbread shell with cucumbers, the Qataris have “upgraded” to a version of fish and shrimp shawarma. Visitors can try Turkish, Lebanese, and even Indian-style shawarma to fill their stomachs after visiting Qatar’s tourist attractions.

5. Thareed

Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Thareed – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

There is certainly no need to discuss Thareed’s popularity among the 10 Traditional Dishes of Qatar. Thareed is a slow-cooked, spiced stew consisting of meat and various vegetables. Thareed is enjoyed on a crispy flatbread called aromaag, and it is hugely popular during Ramadan as one of the favorite dishes in this Gulf country. If you don’t know, Thareed is said to be the best of all the Prophet Muhammad’s dishes, so that may add to its popularity.

Thareed can also be found as a vegetarian dish in most restaurants, so even if you don’t eat meat, you can still try it. It’s one of the traditional foods in Qatar, so you won’t want to miss it!

6. Madrouba

Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Madrouba – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Madrouba has a thick and smooth consistency like mashed. It is made from slow-cooked rice, butter, milk and cardamom, along with chicken and ground beans, all of which are simmered until the desired consistency is reached.

This savory dish can be prepared slightly differently in each restaurant, so you can try several times to find new flavors depending on the seasoning and cooking method each restaurant has made.

7. Kunafa – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Kunafa - Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Kunafa – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

The Best traditional food in Qatar is the Kunafa, also known as Knafeh. Although it is of Palestinian origin, it has become a very popular dish in Qatari cuisine! Kunafa is used in many occasions such as weddings, during the holy month of Ramadan, for breakfast, for a picnic, etc.
Kunafa is a combination of a pastry with cheese, fully soaked in syrup before being served with pistachios toppings, it’s a real delicacy that will satisfy all diners who love the sweet taste.
This delicious dessert, which can also be served for breakfast in Qatar, can be found pretty much anywhere in the country, especially in Doha, so there’s no reason to miss it. through it, right?

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8. Harees

Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Harees – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Harees is another traditional dish that appears in the list of Top 10 traditional food in Qatar. Made from wheat and meat, it has a porridge-like consistency and is packed with nutrients. That is also why it is often the preferred breakfast during the month of Ramadan.

Besides being especially popular during the fasting month of Ramadan, it is also served on other very special occasions because of the meticulousness in preparation as well as the cooking time. The wheat is first cooked for several hours, and after the meat is added, the mixture continues to be slow cooked for a while. Like most Qatari dishes, it is rich in spices and offers an unforgettable taste for all diners.

9. Warak Enab

Traditional Food in Qatar
Warak Enab – Traditional Food in Qatar

If you are looking for traditional Doha dishes, you cannot miss Warak Enab – Stuffed Grape Leaves. This snack is made with minced lamb or beef, rice and spices like coriander, pepper and garlic, then stuffed in delicious grape leaves.

This dish is the perfect combination of minced meat, rice with mild aroma and slightly sour taste of grape leaves combined with the rest of the ingredients perfectly. These are a few of the traditional food in Qatar that are known by a large number of tourists around the world because of the uniqueness as well as the special taste that it brings.

10. Karak – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Karak - Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar
Karak – Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar

Last on the list of Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar is Karak, Qatar’s most popular drink. This sweet, cinnamon-scented milk tea makes everyone fall in love, from fake to young, male or female, and it seems that no one can resist the attraction of this milk tea.

This is a tea that contains milk, cardamom and sugar, but is specially boiled up to 3 times. This mandatory process is crucial to the great final taste of this traditional Qatari dish.

A glass of Karak tea mixed with sweet milk can help you dispel stress and fatigue immediately. You may be surprised at its price. In Qatar, a glass of Karak milk tea costs only from $0.30.

Above is the article Top 10 Traditional Food in Qatar that I have compiled and sent to you. If you have the opportunity to come to Qatar, especially during this 2022 World Cup, do not miss to enjoy the dishes imbued with cultural identity here!

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