Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

There are millions of lakes on Earth. These lakes not only play a role as a source of drinking water, domestic use, irrigation or transportation, but also contribute to a beautiful natural landscape. There are many lakes that are also recognized by UNESCO as world natural heritage. Let’s take a look at with the most beautiful lakes in the world!

Lake Matheson, South Westland, New Zealand

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Lake Matheson – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

First on the list of Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world is Lake Matheson. At the heart of Glacier Country and Westland National Park, Lake Matheson is home to an unbelievably beautiful sight. Lake Matheson was formed by glaciation 14,000 years ago, the lake is surrounded by an ancient forest, with forests that change the color of leaves with the seasons, creating beautiful natural moments. Besides the name Matheson, the lake is also known by another name, Mirror Lake. At every angle, the lake surface is calm and blue, reflecting the majestic Southern Alps with two of New Zealand’s highest peaks – Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. All make a great backdrop for your photos.

Located in the South Westland of New Zealand, Lake Matheson is like a giant natural mirror that perfectly reflects the scenery of the two peaks of Mount Cook and Mount Tasma. Due to the organic matter accumulated from the decomposition of vegetation in the nearby ancient forests, the color of Lake Matheson is impressively flexible and multidimensional, especially the mysterious deep brown color.

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Dal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Dal Lake – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

Dal Lake is one of the Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world, this 22 square kilometer place is also known as the pearl of Kashmir. Surrounding 3 sides of the lake are snow-capped mountains, the other side is 15 km long bordered by lush gardens built in the Mughal period. Not only that, the floating lotus gardens on the lake surface add to the beauty of this place. The peaceful beauty of Dal Lake has attracted thousands of tourists every year. Visitors can rent small houseboats called shikaras to explore the brilliant natural beauty around the lake. In winter, the lake water freezes and forms thick ice sheets.

Dal Lake is the most beautiful lake in the Indian Kashmir region, its clear, calm lake reflects the mountains and white clouds in the distance. Dal Lake is known for its unique water houseboat, where a variety of houseboats are docked and also the place is very nicely decorated and special. If you have the opportunity to spend the night on lake houses, in the morning you can catch craft trading boats here. Hire a local boat (Shikara) for the day, the boatman will take you deep inside Dal Lake, to see the life of local people in Kashmir, buy a high quality Kashmir towel or two.

Dal Lake – a prominent lake in the middle of the Kashmir valley and is also known as one of the most beautiful lakes in India. With three sides bordering the mountain, visitors can sit on a rowing boat slowly drifting on the lake to admire the charming scenery of clouds and mountains. The mountains appearing in the morning mist are considered a natural beauty here that everyone should enjoy once. The dawn on Dal Lake is also shimmering with the light of dawn in the distance, the pink color gradually turning red against the beautiful clear blue sky. Visitors can enjoy the view on the slow rowing boats of the locals.

Lake Manasarovar, Tibet

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Lake Manasarovar – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

Manasarovar is a lake located at the foot of the Gurla Mandata mountain range covered with snow all year round, this is also one of the Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world. The lake is also known as Sun Nhat Lake because of its shape similar to the sun. This is one of the lakes with the largest freshwater reserves in Tibet. The water in this lake is created by melting ice from Gurla Mandata and Kailash. The lake water is so clear that even the pebbles below can be seen. Lake Manasarovar is famous for its sacredness and is considered one of the holy lakes in Tibet. According to legend, drinking water or bathing in this lake “will wash away the defilements and lock the door to rebirth in the lower realms”. Therefore, every year pilgrims from India, Tibet, Nepal, Butan and European and American countries flock to quite a lot. They camp around the lake to pray, chant, meditate, and bathe… There are seven large Tibetan tantric monasteries around and a number of small guesthouses to cater for pilgrims.

Watching Manasarovar at dawn and dusk is a great blessing in the life of a pilgrim. At dawn, the sky was rosy behind the white snowy mountains. On the shore of the lake, devotees quietly meditate. Then the sky gradually brightened, blue to the amazement, flocks of birds fluttered over the calm lake and passed the Chiu Gompa monastery in the high mountains, where it is believed that Guru Padmasambhava used to be practiceed and meditation.

Lake Maligne, Alberta, Canada

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Lake Maligne – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

Visiting Lake Maligne is like seeing the scenery on a postcard come to life before your eyes. Visitors may have seen the island in the lake appear on posters, and in the film several times, the island has become an icon of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. When seeing the lake for the first time, visitors will be impressed by its vast size, vibrant colors and unspoiled mountain scenery here. Of course, Lake Maligne isn’t just about scenery; It has enough activities to keep visitors busy for days. Visitors can visit in the summer for the widest selection of options.

As the largest glacial lake in the Canadian Rockies, Lake Maligne is particularly appealing to water lovers. If you want to catch salmon, sign up for a guided fishing tour. Guests can also rent their own boats and gear and purchase permits at the historic Curly Phillips Boathouse. If you don’t want to fish, you can rent a canoe or book a whitewater rafting trip. From July to late August, the historic Maligne Lake Chalet offers legendary afternoon teas, complete with full-size cupcakes. This chalet is also a guest house offering luxury accommodation for up to 80 guests. This hostel is very popular, so book your room early. Lake Maligne is 44 kilometers south of Jasper and can be reached by following the scenic Icefields Avenue.

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Guests can rent a boat to fully explore the beauty of Lake Maligne, Spirit Island and its surroundings. The Maligne valley region is also home to rich wildlife. In the summer, visitors can also see grizzly bears, deer, and mountain sheep in the area around the lake. In addition to seeing the beautiful scenery of the lake during the day, visitors who have little time for the journey should also try the feeling of experiencing a night by the lake. The night scene with the dark spaces of the night opening as if endless, the silence and the howls of the wolf foraging easily make people excited and shiver. In that scene, sitting around the fire, enjoying grilled salmon and hot coffee is an interesting thing. Because of these great things, Lake Maligne deserves to be named in the Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world.

Wuhua Lake, Sichuan, China

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Wuhua Lake – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

Wuhua or Five Flower Lake in China is considered the most beautiful lake in the world. Wuhua is a lake with five beautiful colors like the five colors of five different flowers. The lake never freezes even in winter, although other lakes are “incubated” in ice and snow because of the bitter cold. If you haven’t gone, you don’t know Wuhua Lake, once you have arrived, any visitor will be immersed in the space here and never want to return. Wuhua Lake, located in the center of Jiuzhaigou National Park, is a must-see scenic spot and the pride of the Chinese people when it entered the top of the world’s most beautiful landscapes as a natural heritage by UNESCO. recognized since 1992 located in the south of Sichuan province, China.

Wuhua Lake stands out thanks to its blue but crystal clear water, like a giant mirror reflecting the surrounding natural scenery. The reason the lake water is so clear and blue because it contains calcium carbonate as well as high hydrophytes, the lake water also changes color continuously, sometimes blue, or light yellow, sometimes blue. Mysterious black…If you look at the pictures of Wuhua Lake for the first time, you will probably think that this is a painting, not a real scene because the beauty is so shimmering and brilliant here. There are more than 108 colorful lakes in Jiuzhaigou National Park, but in which, Wuhua Lake is the most brilliant and beautiful. The lake surface reflects many different colors such as bright yellow, dark blue and green… The magical color of the Five Colors Lake is explained by the minerals accumulated in the lake, algae and aquatic plants.

Through the clear water, you can also see the bottom of the lake with many fallen ancient tree trunks. In autumn, the surrounding forest turns yellow, further enhancing the brilliant beauty of Wuhua Lake. Seeing the splendid and magical natural scenery like in this fairy tale, your mood will surely be happy, elated, free from worries, and welcome a brilliant weekend. This is definitely one of the Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world.

Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Lake Baikal – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

Lake Baikal of Russia is the most unique lake in the Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world. This place is not only considered the largest freshwater lake in the world but also an ideal destination for international tourists with beautiful scenery and unique cultural features. Perhaps it is difficult for words to describe the magnificent beauty of Lake Baikal, a lake known as the fairyland in the land of Aries. Lake Baikal is located in Southern Siberia of Russia and is known as the “Blue Eye of Siberia” with the most. This is considered the oldest lake in the world. Jack Sheremetoff, a local tour guide, said: ‘Most of the lakes are less than 20,000 years old, but Baikal has been around for at least 25,000 years. UNESCO once referred to Lake Baikal as Russia’s Gagapagos. Lake Baikal is also the deepest lake with an average depth of 744.4 meters. The deepest place is up to 1642 meters, measured by Mr. L.G. Kolotipo and A.I.Culimov in 1983 while they were directly carrying out hydrological works.

There are mythical stories that when traveling to Lake Baikal, you will surely be told. The most widely circulated story is about the beautiful but beautiful Angara of Mr. Baikal. She is the daughter he loves most among his 300 daughters. For fear of her son’s disaster, he locked her in a tall tower. But the solid wall could not prevent her from finding her lover, Enisei. But they couldn’t see each other because her father got angry, cursed and threw a broken mountain to prevent her from being with her lover. The story is the only explanation why the Angara River does not flow into Lake Baikal but flows back out.

With clear and deep jade green water, this place is likened to a giant mirror, reflecting the majestic mountains and layers of birch trees. The water composition here has very few minerals. From the shore can clearly see the pebbles up to 40m deep. Therefore, tourists to Lake Baikal in Russia are like entering paradise or “fairyland” as many people say. Few lakes have as much biodiversity as Baikal with about 1200 species of animals. The most famous species is the nerpa (Baikal seal) which originated in the Arctic ocean more than 800,000 years ago.

Lake Hiller, Australia

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Lake Hiller – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

There is no white or blue color that we often see in lakes, the color of Lake Hillier attracts Australian tourists because of its special and rare pink color in the world. Many tourists coming back from Australia talk about this special pink lake. Lake Hillier is a pink lake located on Middle Island (the largest of the Recherche Islands) in Western Australia. Lake Hillier looks like an inflated bubble gum when viewed from above. If you have the opportunity to travel to Australia, please do not miss this point, this place is named in the Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world.

The lake is about 600 meters long, covered by a stretch of sand and a dense forest of Paperbark and eucalyptus forests. A narrow strip of sand covered with vegetation separates the lake from the southern waters. Unlike the pink lakes in the world such as the lake in Retba and the salt lake in the San Francisco Bay, scientists have yet to determine where Lake Hillier’s pink color is due. However, many scientists speculate that the pink color of the lake is caused by the creatures Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria. Another theory is that it is caused by a species of red bacteria in the salt crust. This color is also not a work of sunlight, because a bucket of water was taken from the lake and the pink color remains the same despite moving the barrel. The lake offers visitors a most wonderful attraction, which is the natural wonder of the world.

There are many scientists who think it may be due to a species of salt-loving algae called Dunaliella salina. But in 2013, Hank Green, owner of the SciShow YouTube channel, suggested that a type of salt-loving single-celled organism called Halobacteria was responsible for the pink color. On the other hand, the protozoa Halobacteria are only pink, and their numbers in Hellier Lake are so numerous that they can stain the water pink. Many scientists continue to explore this wondrous lake, and visitors from all over the world are eager to see this incredible natural wonder.

Lake Plitvice, Croatia

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Lake Plitvice – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

When it comes to Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world, it is impossible to ignore Plitvice Lake in Croatia. Many people have whispered to each other that in Croatia there is a paradise earth garden that everyone who gets there is lucky. The blue lakes here flowing on limestone and chalk platforms over thousands of years are prevented by Travertine rock creating very beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and caves. This is one of the natural attractions that tourists think must visit in Croatia, every year it welcomes millions of tourists. It is the oldest national park in the Balkans and also the largest national park in Croatia. Plitvice is Croatia’s most popular tourist destination, one of the first world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO in 1979. Plitvie lake is located halfway from the capital Zagreb to the coastal city of Zadar.

The national park is a complex of 16 lakes of great beauty linked together by a series of waterfalls, located inside the deep forest and home to wildlife such as deer, bears, and bears. , wolves, pigs and other rare birds. Entering here is like a step into a real paradise garden, this is when the beauty is a wonderful combination of nature beyond the reach of man to create.

Visitors reported that they enjoyed walking in the park in the fresh air. Along with admiring the lakes, waterfalls and wildlife, visitors seem to be lost in wonder. There are two ways to enter here, but whichever way you go, you can feel the beauty here from different perspectives. From entrance 1, go down the winding cobbled path to the wooden walkway that crosses the lakes. Standing on the wooden bridge facing the lake, visitors will feel like the water in the lake stretches out for miles. On that road you will also see the largest waterfall, Veliki Slap waterfall on the right side. Or by walking down the wooden walkway, you will catch the best angle of the waterfall. There is a small area there for you to stand below the Veliki Slap waterfall to take souvenir photos.

Melissani Lake, Cephalonia, Greece

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Melissani Lake – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

Melissani Lake is located in Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece – which is considered to be of perfect timeless beauty and is the most popular tourist attraction in Kefalonia. The outside of the cave is covered by a lush green forest full of wild, but inside opens a magnificent paradise that is a rock cave filled with extremely fanciful blue water. It is because of this beauty that Lake Melissani is always known as a special gift that nature has bestowed on Kefalonia, one of the 12 most visited places in the world.

Geologically, Melissani Lake and Melissani Cave are quite similar to the caves you can find in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. In fact, Lake Melissani is an aquifer: The water inside the lake is seawater that has been sucked into the cave, which, after several layers of filtration, becomes clearer and greener than the water on the beaches of Greece. The water after flowing into the cave will then flow back to the nearby Fridi beach, a cycle of reincarnation that makes the water in the lake over time become brackish rather than sea water as it was in the beginning. Physically, the surface of Lake Melissani lies 18m below ground level and above are striking stalactites hanging down from the cave. Geologists have estimated this cave to be about 20,000 years old, which is also relatively old compared to many other caves in the world.

Melissani Lake – a timeless natural wonder in Kefalonia in the Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world surrounded by jungle and caves dating back thousands of years. When coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to paddle on the beautiful blue water, next to the brown walls like golden honey and many perennial stalactites that are considered the breath of Melissani cave. The trip promises to take visitors from one surprise to another. .

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world
Lake Nakuru – Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world

Last on the list of Top 10 Prettiest Lakes in the world is Lake Nakuru. Nakuru is one of three contiguous lakes in the Rift Valley province of Kenya. These lakes are home to 13 endangered bird species around the world. This is also one of the areas with the highest concentration of precious birds in the world. In particular, Lake Nakuru is praised by ornithologists as the largest bird sanctuary in the world, in which the most famous flamingos. Nakuru is known as the “paradise” of tens of thousands, even up to millions of flamingos, including two types: long-legged, long-necked and small flamingos. The rich and diverse source of algae in the lake is a “weapon” to attract and “retain” this precious and beautiful bird. Meanwhile, the flamingo droppings and the ideal temperature of the alkaline waters of Lake Nukaru are also ideal conditions for the growth and development of algae.

In fact, this is the region with the richest food source for flamingos than anywhere in the world. According to researchers, at Lake Nakuru, there are more than one million, even two million flamingos, consuming about 250,000 kg of algae per hectare per year. In addition, Lake Nakuru is also an ideal nesting and feeding place for great white pelicans. However, in recent times, the number of flamingos in the lake has tended to decrease due to the impact of tourism and environmental pollution – a consequence of the nearby industrial pumping station system when wastewater from the system The swimming station was dumped into the lake bed. This has changed the water quality, reducing the proliferation and development of algae that are the food of flamingos such as: Cyanobacteria, green algae. As a result, flamingos migrate to other, nearby lakes, such as Lake Elmenteita, Simbi Nyaima and Bogoria.

Nakuru National Park, established in 1961, protects the lake along with the surrounding mountains and steppe grasslands. Nakuru in the Maasai language means “place of the bush”. Lake Nakuru is a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, one of eight lakes in the Great Rift Valley, and one of three UNESCO World Heritage lakes. In 2011.

In conclusion, the world is home to some of the most stunning natural wonders, including lakes that are as mesmerizing as they are beautiful. From the serene Matheson in New Zealand to the otherworldly Baikal in Russia, these top 10 prettiest lakes in the world offer a glimpse of the incredible diversity and beauty of our planet. Whether you’re looking to relax on a tranquil shore, explore a unique ecosystem, or simply soak in the stunning views, these lakes are sure to leave you in awe. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and set off on an adventure to discover these breathtakingly beautiful lakes for yourself.

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