Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings 

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings 

Since ancient times, golf has been a very popular sport in Europe. If in the past, people only considered golf as a sport for the nobility or the elite, today, this sport is increasingly popular. Among us, as long as you have a passion and a good financial background, you can experience this sport. Let find out the top 10 prestigious rankings of this sport with

WAGR – World amateur golf rankings that few people know

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings 
Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – WAGR

Golf lovers are no stranger to world golf rankings. However, not everyone knows that top amateur golfers have the same level and technique as professional golfers. The WAGR Ranking is founded and operated by R&A.

World-famous golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, or female golfer Lydia Ko have all dominated this ranking before turning to Professional competition. Tournaments depending on the level of prestige and the number of top amateur athletes participating will be considered at a scoring level with the highest level being Elite and 7 other levels from A to G.

PGA Championship

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – PGA Championship

When it comes to the biggest tournament of the PGA Tour, it is the PGA Championship. This is a huge tournament of the American Professional Golf Association organized for many different golfers to participate. Participation conditions are also quite strict and must have a rank from 1 to 100 on the worldwide golfer rankings. Participants who compete in May for five consecutive years will be exempt from qualifying for this tournament for the rest of their lives.

European Tour

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings 
Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – European Tour

This tournament is owned by the PGA Tour. Tournaments with prize money to winners of at least $800,000 are second only to the PGA Tour Championship. Some non-North American athletes often compete to qualify enough to maintain membership on both the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

The Open Championship

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – The Open Championship

This is the oldest of the four professional golf tournaments. The Open Championship is usually held in the middle of July.

The Open is a 4-day golf tournament (Thursday to Sunday). With this tournament, the athletes have to hit 72 consecutive holes. Since 1979, the tournament has been held on the week of the 3rd Friday in July. Currently, the tournament has 156 golfers participating, mainly the world’s top professional golfers along with the champions of the golf clubs. amateur league. The remaining slots are awarded to golfers, both amateur and professional, with good records in qualifying. After 36 holes, the organizers will eliminate golfers so that only the top 70 people (including those who are equal to those who are ranked last in the next group) will play the remaining 36 holes at the end of the week. If a champion cannot be determined after 72 holes, golfers enter a four-hole playoff for the total score; If still tied, golfers enter the knockout series until there is a winner.

U.S. Open

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings 
Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – U.S. Open

This is the second of four major men’s events in golf, held in the third week of June and the final round usually coincides with Father’s Day. However, last year, the USGA’s nail event was postponed for three months because of the epidemic.

The first US Open season was held in October 1895 at the 9-hole Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island. 10 professional golfers and one amateur played four rounds in one day or 36 holes. In the end, 21-year-old British player Horace Rawlins won the trophy with a record of 173 strokes, received $150 in prize money, a gold medal, and held the US Open Trophy for a year.

The tournament takes place in a stroke play format with four rounds – 72 holes and a cut through 36 holes. Normally, the tournament gathers 156 golfers, but last year, the list of tournaments dropped to 144 when it was held in September.

Women’s PGA Championship

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – Women’s PGA Championship

The Women’s PGA Championship (branded as the Women’s PGA Championship KPMG for sponsorship reasons) is a women’s professional golf tournament. First held in 1955, it is one of the five majors of the LPGA Tour. It is not recognized as a major tournament by the Ladies European Tour, which does not recognize any professional tournaments played in the United States.

U.S. Women’s Open

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings 
Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – U.S. Women’s Open

Founded 75 years ago in 1946, the US Women’s Open is the only event recognized by the LPGA as a major tournament since the group’s founding in 1950. Originally run by the Women’s Professional Golfers Association (WPGA) for the first three years and the LPGA for the next four, it became a USGA event in 1953. As of 2018, the tournament is held the week after Memorial Day. The women’s US Open is the second largest of the LPGA season and has the highest purse in the women’s court, at 5.5 million in 2019. For 2020, this is the last course of the year and is being held for the first of two, as it has been postponed to December, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic which has delayed golf tournaments from May March to June.

ANA Inspiration

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – ANA Inspiration

Founded in 1972 by Colgate-Palmolive president David Foster, and entertainer Dinah Shore, the tournament has been classified as a major since 1983. Since its founding, it has been held annually at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, southeast of Palm Springs. It is the first major event of the year, usually taking place in late March. or early April.

First introduced in 1972 as a 54-hole event, it is the most prolific event in women’s golf; it’s more than double that of the LPGA Championship or the US Open Women’s Championship. The first edition invites all the winners of the touring events from the previous ten seasons.

After more than twenty years of sponsorship by Nabisco and parent company Kraft Foods, Japanese airline All Nippon Airways became the main sponsor of the tournament at the end of 2014, changing the name of the tournament to ANA Inspiration.

The Evian Championship

The Evian Championship

The Evian Champion was first founded in 1994 as Evian Masters. The tournament is owned by the Ladies European Tour (LET) system. From 2000 onwards, the tournament was owned by the LPGA Tour and brought the total prize money to £1 million. Since 2013, Evian Masters has changed its name to The Evian Champion and has become one of the biggest tournaments on the LPGA Tour.

The competition usually takes place in mid-September and is also the final tournament of the annual LPGA Tour season.

The Evian Champion is usually held at the Evian Resort Golf Club, in the city of Evian-Les-Bains, France.

It is one of the most beautiful venues because the venue is located between Lake Geneva and the Alps.

AIG Women’s British Open

Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings 
Top 10 Official World Golf Rankings – AIG Women’s British Open

The Women’s Open is held at the world-famous Carnoustie Golf Links. It is also the venue for the Open Championship and Women’s Open 2011.

Carnoustie golf course was put into operation in the sixteenth century, then in 1842, golfer Allan Robertson designed this golf course to become even more attractive. In 1867, under the hands of Old Tom Morris, the golf course continued to be improved into an 18-hole golf course. Since then, major and important tournaments have been continuously held here.

Carnoustie has long been known as one of Britain’s toughest golf courses. The course is up to 7400 yards long and has more than 112 bunkers. Not only that, trouble is always lurking at every hole and the strong winds blowing along the Angus coast add to the challenge for golfers.

Hopefully, after this article, you will have more information about world golf rankings. If you are a fan of this sport, always keep your passion. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of calculation and precision. Do you love this sport? Leave a comment below to let know!!!

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