Top 10 Best Streaming Services – Best Streaming Services of 2022 – What streaming service is better than Netflix?

Streamer is not a new profession but still strange to many people. Although streamer has been around for a long time, it is only in the last few years that it has really become a “profession” and is seriously invested and pursued by many people. To become a streamer, it is indispensable for streaming services. So what streaming services are currently available? Let’s find out with me!!!

Facebook Live

best streaming services
Facebook Live

Currently, the best streaming service is Facebook Live. On Facebook Live, every time you live stream you will be able to reach thousands of your friends or the people you follow. Facebook can even recommend that live stream to people who don’t know you but are interested in your topic. Facebook Live is a very early Livestream platform, from 2015. After many improvements, users are more and more satisfied and love this application. Currently, on Facebook Live you can customize effects, lighting for better video quality, and even write a description of your Livestream.

During the live, you will see how many are following you. There will be comments left in the live that you can respond to immediately. This is a famous live streaming platform used by many people today. Users are quite diverse such as celebrities; participating in events; Online selling…

Features you can use on Facebook Live:

  • Can adjust brightness, choose emoticons, describe messages before streaming
  • Live duration is allowed to be extended.
  • Customize front and rear cameras during the Livestream.
  • You can send notifications to friends and followers before intending to broadcast live.
  • Supports viewer engagement and comment pinning.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live

The Livestream platform ranked 2nd in the list of top 10 best streaming services is Bigo Live. Bigo Live is a live streaming platform for users to share live videos with the community. In addition, you can also watch and discuss other users’ videos. You can create your own live channel with just a few simple steps.

When using Bigo live by sliding up and down, you can select the content you want to watch. This application also has a chatbox for viewers to comment directly as well as send you gifts. These gifts must be recharged with purchasable such as rings; Teddy bear; flower; heart… Many people live on this social network not only to have fun chatting but also to earn extra income. With professional live people, the amount of money you receive every month is not small.

Youtube Live – Top 10 Best Streaming Services

best streaming services
Youtube Live

Ranked 3rd in the top 10 streaming service rankings is the super hot video platform – Youtube. Previously there was Youtube Gaming which is a live streaming platform built to compete with Twitch that you cannot ignore. It allows you to connect with many users who are watching video games; Gamer connection. You can also easily follow your favorite channels by clicking the subscribe button. However, Google killed Youtube Gaming and mid-2019 or rather merged it into regular Youtube to simplify things.

YouTube now allows live streaming on the YouTube web platform or live streaming on YouTube phones with a simple, uncomplicated way of setting up live streaming as before. Users only need to register for a live stream for their personal YouTube channel and then let YouTube review it. When we go live, everyone who subscribes to your channel will receive a notification to access the live view.

Youtube Gaming is a playground for new streamers and studios. Its loading speed is quite fast; Give your viewers a great experience. If you are a game streamer, the software is definitely for you.

Twitch TV

Twitch TV

Twitch holds 4th place in this ranking of the top 10 streaming services. Twitch launched in 2011 and is constantly being updated; Upgrade to meet user requirements. This is classified as one of the leading live-streaming platforms in the game streaming industry. With an intuitive interface; easy to use Twitch won the hearts of many users. Although there is much other software available today, it does not lose its position because of that.

The Mobile version of Twitch is not as smooth as the PC version. You should consider when choosing equipment to live for the best image. The strength of this video platform is that it has up to 1.5 million game streams; 100 million monthly viewers. One of the platforms that are always at the top in terms of both quantity and quality.

Nimo TV – Top 10 Best Streaming Services

best streaming services
Nimo TV

Holding 5th place in the top 10 rankings, streaming service is the platform most loved by young people – Nimo TVNimo TV is a thriving live streaming platform; attracts many users. It is trending to become a social network as well as a worldwide trend. Its interface is simple and easy to use. The user’s data source is also encrypted and protected to the maximum extent of safety. In addition, you can create your channels and stream to earn money. If you are a person with your strengths, attracting the community on Nimo TV, then surely the amount of money you bring in every month is not small.

Nimo TV works on different platforms: web; iOS mobile operating system; Android. This live streaming platform receives millions of downloads and many good reviews from live users. In the future, this will be the leading live streaming game app in Vietnam. It can even reach out to Southeast Asia with regular investment and upgrading; serious . 

Instagram Live

Instagram Live

Instagram is a social network that is being loved by many young people. This application is also developed to be usable on many different operating systems. Instagram Live is a newly developed video feature. It is a form of playback of short videos, also known as videos you might live. This is a collection of live videos, stories… Users can choose the type of live they want to upload videos to their insta account. However, it cannot play videos for a long duration. Users can only use Instagram videos for sharing or playing their short videos. Because of this limitation, Instagram can only hold 6th place in the top 10 best streaming services ranking.

OBS Studio

best streaming services
OBS Studio

Referring to the top 10 best streaming services, it is impossible not to mention OBS Studio. OBS Studio is also known as OBS Multiplatform. This is an extremely effective open-source live stream software that is trusted by many users. The software’s API is quite powerful and supports many different operating systems. The application is intended for developers or individual users with little programming knowledge to use.

Features not to be missed of OBS Studio:

Has full features of OBS Classic.

  • Support more operating systems and output than the old version.
  • Users can preview before streaming video.
  • You can optionally use OpenGL or Direct3D.
  • Capture, mix video, audio in real-time with high performance.
  • Freely switch footage from the front or rear camera.
  • Supports audio mixing, noise filtering, noise…
  • Support drag and drop text files into OBS Studio to create a text source.

Douyu TV

best streaming services
Douyu TV

Douyu TV is a large and exclusive live streaming platform in China. Currently, it has expanded and developed into a strong video-sharing social network in many countries around the world. For those of you who love live, Douyu is not a strange software. Very fast loading speed and fast gifting add-on system are its strengths.

In addition, it also has a lot of unique and interesting features that many other applications do not have such as: chat outside the screen… Douyu also helps live streamers have personality; style and earn extra income. Many of you have earned tens of millions of dong a month thanks to this software. If you want to try it, you can download it now.

Douyu, one of the leading platforms, with the most active users according to data from Cheetah Lab, said that content production and paying performers are the main costs, but they declined to disclose it. the amount they paid.



Streamlabs – one of the highly-rated live streaming software on mobile. This App allows you to broadcast your gameplay live to Twitch or Youtube. Not only that, you can set filters; effects, and widgets on your stream. While live you can view chat messages and attract more viewers while playing games.

Outstanding features of Streamlabs:

  • Support Stream videos from your phone to many platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch).
  • Settings for colors, images, sounds, and layouts are much easier.
  • Supports many utility widgets such as Alert Box; Chat Box; Event List…
  • Own your own server on Streamlabs Cloud.
  • All-in-one live streaming software

xSplit GameCaster

best streaming services
xSplit GameCaster

xSplit GameCaster is the xSplit manufacturer’s software for Casters. It has many supporting features related to voice correction and camera adjustment of the video stream to suit the context. Currently, this software is mainly used to live stream professional game matches. Its operating speed as well as its transmission line are both stable and have a good signal. In addition, xSplit GameCaster supports users to fast forward, stream, and change speed.

xSplit GameCaster is a very powerful live video player that provides users with an incredible variety of options for producing video content. Becoming a professional streamer has never been easier. Start creating content with original quality, with XSplit’s intuitive and easy-to-use content creation toolset.

XSplit’s Premium Creator Suite software allows players to turn their passions into compelling stories that are shared through live streaming. Perfect video and audio quality. Low latency in the game. Smooth set up in minutes. Endless customization.

XSplit allows you to get the most out of your work and take streaming to the next level. Stream to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, and more.

In general, streamer is increasingly showing that it is not a bad career but even a career with potential if you have the ability and know how to invest properly. Hopefully this information will be a motivation for those who have been dreaming of becoming a streamer.

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