Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

Review Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World. Have you ever thought of the Top 10 best restaurants in the world today? If you have not yet found the answer, continue reading with now! 

10. Maido in Lima (Peru)

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World
Maido in Lima – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

In 10th place in the ranking is Maido. This restaurant is famous for nikkei – a dish with ingredients from Peru and processed according to Japanese techniques. The restaurant is located in the beautiful capital city of Lima. 

This is the perfect creative space of chef Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura, a master of the art of nikkei. He regularly launches unique menus with a rich sea flavor with a variety of seafood species. Some outstanding dishes at the restaurant are creatively shaped sushi, mouthwatering sea urchin sticky rice, unique 50-hour braised ribs, delicious cheesecake with a tofu base.

9. Disfrutar in Barcelona (Spain)

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World
Disfrutar in Barcelona – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

The outstanding leadership of three talented chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas, and Eduard Xauch, has launched the Disfrutar restaurant. It was officially welcoming diners in the Spanish capital Barcelona in 2014. Here, the music is promised to welcome innovative, avant-garde menus with about 30 dishes. Thereby, diners can fully experience the talent and artistic style of these three leading culinary experts worldwide.

8. L’Arpège in Paris (France)

L’Arpège in Paris – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

Opened in 1986 and honored with three Michelin stars, L’Arpège has long been known as one of the finest restaurants in Paris and now the world. Alain Passard, a talented chef with many charismatic talents, is the one who led L’Arpège to success. With a team of chefs who are true experts in vegetable dishes, the restaurant’s menu is always creative with the seasons. You certainly won’t see cucumbers or tomatoes on the table if you go to the restaurant in winter. Instead, raw materials are provided from the rich and lush Norman garden.

7. Mugaritz in San-Sébastian 

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World
Mugaritz in San-Sébastian – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

This innovative restaurant has been the brainchild of chef Andoni Luis Aduriz since 1998. Located in the famous coastal city of San Sebastián, the restaurant menu is very diverse. It always includes from 20 to 30 dishes with different ways of preparation. Mainly in the Basque terroir style with a combination of colors and flavors from different parts of the world. Chilled sea crab is a must-try dish when coming here. In addition, the healthy raw pork heart is also a unique creation at this restaurant.

6. Central in Lima (Peru)

Central in Lima – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

The culinary artist duo Martinez and Pía León own many famous restaurants in Lima. Among which is Central restaurant, where diners will have to journey across Peru to reach a land far away. However, you will quickly find satisfaction when you find here rare local ingredients with delicious dishes. Ingredients can range from very simple like corn and potatoes to extremely high-end like piranha.

5. Geranium in Copenhagen 

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World
Geranium in Copenhagen – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

Another name is Geranium. Geranium is a harmonious combination of the most original of nature with the modernity of technology. The talented chef Rasmus Kofoed promises to bring diners great experiences with dishes imbued with the local identity of the legendary Scandinavian peninsula. All ingredients are organically produced, the dishes are exquisite, and the wine collection is impeccable.

4. Gaggan in Bangkok (Thailand)

Gaggan in Bangkok – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World – Gaggan Restaurant, located in the heart of the land of golden pagodas, has held the title of the best restaurant in Asia for the past four years. It is now officially entering the world. The chef named after the restaurant, Gaggan Anand, has a 25-course menu that constantly changes according to his discoveries. The restaurant mainly features Indian dishes mixing flavors and styles from Thailand, Mexico, and Japan. Diners will never be bored with dishes such as brand new tacos, nigiri topped with Hindi sauce, and irresistible curries.

3. Asador Etxebarri in Spain

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World
Asador Etxebarri in Spain – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

Chef Victor Arguinzoniz is the owner of the 3rd best restaurant in the world, Asador Etxebarri. Viktor always knows how to satisfy diners with his ability to transform straightforward ingredients into top-notch dishes – marinated tiny peas, beef jerky with a fresh sweetness, and smoky vegetables, etc. All of this summed up in two words: excellent.

2. Noma in Copenhagen (Denmark)

Noma in Copenhagen – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

Next is Noma in Copenhagen. Noma has held the 10th position in the rankings for many years. However, this year, it has made a spectacular breakthrough to rise to become the second-best restaurant in the world. The talented René Redzepi is the captain of this restaurant. Diners must book months in advance to have a meal at this paradise. Recently, the restaurant has been redesigned with a new style and a seasonally built menu. However, the top is still the Nordic dishes prepared with the sophistication and meticulousness of the world’s top chef.

1. Mirazur in Menton (France)

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World
Mirazur in Menton – Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

Nestled under swaying palm trees and sweet limes is chef Mauro Colagreco’s restaurant Mirazur, the culinary holy grail. Besides the title of the best restaurant globally, it has to be mentioned the third Michelin star. This result may not come as a surprise to those who are used to the subtlety and constantly changing spirit of chef Colagreco. He always uses the freshest ingredients in the restaurant’s garden or ingredients from trusted local markets. The nine items on Mirazur’s menu are enough to turn a simple lunch into a memorable culinary adventure where natural flavors combine with creative culinary art.

Hopefully, the information above helps you know more about the Top 10 Best Restaurants in the World. So what are you waiting for? Let’s come to one of the 10 restaurants mentioned above to enjoy. If you find this article interesting, please share it with others!


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