Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of design, the fusion of 3D technology and artificial intelligence has ushered in a transformative era for designers. The synergy between these two powerful domains has not only elevated the creative process but has also redefined the boundaries of what’s possible. From streamlined workflows to unprecedented creativity, the convergence of 3D and AI has opened new frontiers. In this article, delve into the top 10 3D AI tools that are revolutionizing the design industry, empowering designers to transcend limitations and craft awe-inspiring creations like never before.

Avaturn (

Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer - Avaturn
Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer – Avaturn

Avaturn stands as a revolutionary tool, enabling developers to craft stunning 3D AI tool avatars effortlessly. By starting with a simple selfie, users unlock a world of customization, refining body features, hairstyles, apparel, and accessories. These avatars aren’t just visually captivating; they come fully rigged, game-ready, and seamlessly compatible with major animation software. Avaturn’s versatility extends further by effortlessly integrating into web, Unity, and Unreal applications, providing developers with a .glb file for each meticulously crafted avatar.



Spline AI (

Spline - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
Spline – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Spline AI represents an innovative leap in the realm of 3D AI tools for design, leveraging the power of AI to simplify the creation process for objects, animations, and textures. What sets it apart is its intuitive approach—users can bring their visions to life using prompts, eliminating the complexities often associated with traditional design interfaces. The AI Textures feature, a standout element of Spline AI, streamlines the texture generation process. By inputting text prompts, users can effortlessly generate seamless textures for their objects, adding depth and realism to their creations.

Furthermore, Spline AI fosters a collaborative environment by facilitating real-time experimentation and teamwork. Designers can collaborate seamlessly with their peers, sharing ideas and refining projects together, thereby enhancing the creative process.

Though currently available through a waitlist in its alpha phase, Spline AI underscores its commitment to community and resources. This emphasis reflects its dedication to supporting and empowering designers. For professionals seeking to optimize their workflow and unlock new dimensions in their creative journey, Spline AI emerges as a promising tool, promising a wealth of possibilities for innovation and design excellence.

Website: ( - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer simplifies the creation of top-notch 3D models with just a handful of images, waving goodbye to time-consuming and costly methods like photogrammetry, 3D scanning, or manual crafting. Whether for personal expression, large-scale model production for businesses, or crafting 3D virtual objects from text cues, this tool opens doors to diverse creative avenues.

Not stopping there, it serves various sectors including online retail, gaming, AR/VR, and simulation, offering adaptable services. From transforming simple object projections, sketches, or concept art, swiftly generates an initial 3D model. This streamlines the process, making it accessible and efficient for anyone looking to dive into the world of high-quality 3D modeling.


Polyhive AI (

Polyhive - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
Polyhive – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Polyhive stands as a game-changer for game studios, offering an AI-powered texturing tool and asset management hub. Its magic lies in texturing 3D meshes with simple text, using a smart process that crafts top-tier, game-ready assets. This platform isn’t just a one-trick pony; it packs a punch with features like automatic thumbnail creation, a handy model viewer in your browser, and seamless integration with game engines. Additionally, it covers material map generation, collaborative asset management, and smooth integration with Unity and Unreal through dedicated SDKs.

With Polyhive, the time-consuming task of texturing and revamping 3D assets is a thing of the past. Users can breeze through this process in minutes, thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. It’s a game studio’s dream come true, simplifying workflows and offering a streamlined approach to crafting stunning, game-ready assets.


Skybox Lab (

Skybox Lab - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
Skybox Lab – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Skybox Lab is a remarkable AI-driven tool that crafts stunning panoramic views from simple images. Offering an array of styles—from Fantasy Landscape to Anime Art, Surreal to Digital Painting—there’s a style to suit every taste. Want to add your personal touch? Dive into the Advanced option, where users can create their very own ‘style words’ for a more tailored experience. It’s like giving the tool your own creative dictionary!

Now, while this tool is a powerhouse, it’s important to note that handling heavy workloads might take some time for the robots behind the scenes to process the images. But the end results are definitely worth the wait! With Skybox Lab, transform your ordinary images into breathtaking panoramic wonders, all with a touch of your chosen style.


PrometheanAI (

Promethean AI - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
Promethean AI – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Promethean AI is a game-changer for artists looking to speed up world-building in virtual realms. Imagine this: simply describe your vision in everyday language, and voila! The tool generates 3D scenes tailored to your preferences. But that’s not all! It doesn’t just stop at bringing your ideas to life; it lends a helping hand by suggesting creative concepts and handling those mundane tasks like object placement, lighting tweaks, and performance optimization.

And here’s the cherry on top—it plays well with Unreal Engine, seamlessly integrating into your existing workflow. With Promethean AI, artists can wave goodbye to the time-consuming complexities of world-building and welcome a smoother, more efficient creative process.


Plask (

Plask | Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
Plask | Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Meet Plask—a web-based 3D animation editor and motion capture marvel driven by AI. Here’s the magic: users can craft and tweak 3D animations using any camera or video as a source for motion capture. But wait, there’s more! Plask doesn’t just stop at animation; it also boasts an API that churns out super accurate AI motion capture data, ready to power up any application.

Who’s it for? Motion designers, content creators, game developers, and educators—Plask is designed with these creative minds in mind. Whether you’re looking to add life to your animations, create captivating content, develop immersive games, or enhance educational experiences, Plask has your back.


GetFloorPlan (

GetFloorPlan - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
GetFloorPlan – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Imagine Getfloorplan as your go-to AI assistant for real estate! It works wonders by whipping up both 2D and 3D floor plans, along with impressive 360° virtual tours, all from simple photos or architectural plans. Now, here’s the kicker for real estate agents: Getfloorplan transforms listings into eye-catching presentations. How? By decking them out with top-notch, lifelike materials that make potential buyers stop and take notice.

What’s more? It’s lightning-fast, budget-friendly, and as easy as pie to use. For agents aiming to showcase their properties in the best light possible, Getfloorplan is the ultimate tool. It’s all about making listings stand out, attract more buyers, and make the selling process a breeze.


Krikey AI (

Krikey AI - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
Krikey AI – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Krikey AI makes animation creation a breeze! Just type in simple commands or prompts, and boom—realistic and captivating animations come to life. But that’s not all! Users get the creative reins to craft their very own 3D avatars, and once the magic’s done, they can share their animations on social media or any other platform they fancy.

Now, let’s talk immersion! Krikey offers an AR SDK that lets users dive into immersive AR experiences. Picture this: blending the real world with virtual magic, all at your fingertips. In a nutshell, Krikey AI is the go-to hub for easy-peasy animation generation, avatar personalization, seamless sharing, and the gateway to immersive AR experiences. It’s a playground for unleashing creativity and sharing captivating content with the world.



Mirageml (

Mirageml - Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer
Mirageml – Top 10 3D AI Tools for Designer

Mirage, the AI-driven platform, simplifies 3D AI asset and texture creation using everyday language. Here’s the magic: users describe what they need using text, and voilà! Mirage brings their ideas to life by generating 3D meshes and textures, ready to jazz up games, virtual reality adventures, or any other applications. But wait, there’s more! Mirage doesn’t stop at creation; it also offers a 3D canvas for users to dive into and fine-tune these newly minted 3D environments. It’s like having a playground to edit and interact with your creative visions.

In essence, Mirage is the genie that grants wishes with text. It transforms ideas into tangible 3D assets and textures, perfect for gaming, virtual reality escapades, or any other imaginative ventures. Plus, it throws in a canvas for users to polish and play with their creations—a true playground for creative minds.


* Noted: In addition to the 3D AI tools mentioned above, also gives you a few other suggestions such as:


GET3D (Nvidia):






Texture Lab:


Latent Labs:


In a realm where creativity meets innovation, the array of 3D AI tools has unveiled a new frontier for designers. From revolutionizing animation creation to simplifying texture generation and immersive AR experiences, these top 10 tools have reshaped the landscape of design.

Each tool, a testament to technological prowess, offers a unique gateway to unleash creative potential. Whether it’s crafting lifelike avatars, generating stunning panoramic views, or simplifying the complex world-building process, these AI marvels redefine what’s possible in the realm of design.

In this dynamic landscape, designers wield the power to manifest their wildest ideas into reality with a few clicks and prompts. As technology continues to evolve, these tools serve as a beacon, guiding designers toward new horizons and uncharted territories in the ever-expanding universe of 3D design powered by AI. As we bid adieu to this list of transformative tools, it’s clear that the future of design is in capable, AI-driven hands—ushering in a new era of limitless creativity and boundless possibilities.

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