The mystery of the phenomenon of blood rain and the same theories as in fiction movies

You think hail is already a strange phenomenon of nature? But no, our earth still has rains that just hear it cause “shaking”. To the naked eye, blood rain is a phenomenon where water falls from the sky like rain, but has a red color that looks like blood. And it is for this reason that this phenomenon has been labeled “blood rain”.

1. Blood Rain phenomenon

Top 10 Signals of the Apocalypse
Blood Rain – Top 10 Signals of the Apocalypse

History has had very early records of the phenomenon of blood rain. If in literature, authors used this phenomenon to foreshadow impending bad events such as death and destruction, today, many researchers have spoken up to explain.

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Blood-red rains once appeared around the Sahara desert – one of the largest deserts in the world located in Africa. According to the researchers’ explanation, the sand and brown dust carried by the storms, mixed with water droplets in the clouds, gave the rain a reddish-brown color.

Blood Rain Theory
Blood Rain Theory

Meanwhile, in Kerala (India), they believe that the cause is caused by spores of red algae called Trentepohlia Annulata being carried away by the wind, mixed with raindrops, causing blood rain. And in the Zamora area (Spain), a type of algae Haematococcus Pluvialis entangled in the clouds causing rain. They produce a red pigment called astaxanthin, which leads to blood rain. The cases of blood rain usually occur in small areas, the time can be different, sometimes lasting for a short time.

In addition to the local and regional explanations mentioned above, some researchers have come up with other controversial but equally interesting theories.

2. Meteor theory

Blood Rain Theory
Meteor theory

One theory is that the meteorite exploded somewhere in the universe and its dust and rock fell back into the stratosphere, under the obstruction of the atmosphere and the ozone layer and the force of friction. Those fragments are ground to “red” dust and carried by the wind around the world until a rain occurs.

However, this theory has not really convinced the majority. Because why does blood rain only appear in certain areas, when the wind has carried dust everywhere?

3. Theory of Alien life

Meteor theory
Theory of alien life

An Indian scientist – Dr. Godfrey Louis, a physicist at Mahatma Gandhi University discovered the presence of tiny biological cells in rainwater during the blood rain that once poured into this country. Since these cells do not contain DNA – a key component of all life forms on earth – Louis argues that it is possible that it is alien life forms. Several decades before Louis, there were two British scientists who put forward this theory.

What is more strange, dozens of experiments by Louis show that the particles can lack DNA, but still have abundant reproductive capacity, even they can survive in water at 300 degrees Celsius (known world limit). The maximum limit for life in water is about 120 degrees Celsius).

Dr. Louis deduced that the particles could be extraterrestrial bacteria adapted to the harsh conditions in space, and that the bacteria get attached to comets or meteorites and then break apart in the high atmosphere. and merged with the rain clouds above the Indian sky.

There is also a theory that the phenomenon of blood rain is one of the 10 signs of the apocalypse.

Besides the above explanations, there is also a more acceptable opinion that the red color of rainwater is a consequence of air pollution. These contaminants are dissolved in rainwater causing the water to turn red. However, to this day, there is still no one thought to be the most accurate explanation for this strange phenomenon. And just like that, the blood rain continues to stimulate the curiosity of science enthusiasts and the mysteries surrounding it.

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